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  1. XLS-602...dead?

    i had an 11-hr gig on saturday - about 9 hours in or so, i lost all treble on both channels. a few hours later, the red fault light came on both channels and the sound slowly faded out. after turning the amp off for about 20 minutes and then back on, it seemed to work again...but only without treble. does this sound like an issue with my amp or the speakers? there was no sound quality problem all night up until that point, and i was not driving the amp any harder than i have in the past.
  2. crown xls602 @ 2 ohm?

    awesome, i've got the D series... so then I can do 2-ohms?
  3. crown xls602 @ 2 ohm?

    how do i know what version i have?
  4. i'm trying to find a definitive answer on this, and i've seen differing opinions on the net... i've currently got two Samson RS15 full-range speakers, and i'm thinking of pairing that with two samson RS15S subwoofers. i've got an XLS602 powering my RS15s right now, and i'm trying to figure out if i can run both the subs and speakers from the same amp...the manual for the subs says it can be done if the amp supports 2-ohm operation. this is where i'm stuck. i've seen documents online stating both that the xls602 can run at 2 ohms and 840W per channel, that it cannot run 2 ohms, and that it can but it's not recommended because of thermal limiting on the amp itself... what's the deal? can i do this?
  5. XLS 202/402 Exact Watts RMS

    I read that the rating on these amps is only at 1KHz, and that you should look for ratings at 20Hz - 20KHz...where do I find these or how are they calculated?
  6. Which XLS Model should I get?

    These are my speakers for the foreseeable future, I just shelled out $500 on this pair so I intend to keep them a while. I play at mostly small bars and parties, so I don't need anything bigger, really...and the sound from the RS15s are better than I expected. Everything is very clean, I just don't really have the amp to push them (right now I'm running them on a 200W amp, which does the job except for when I need to get loud). I think I'm going to go with the XLS-602, but I'm still open to be swayed either way...LOL. Trying to maximize my funding...the fact that I'm also trying to stretch this week's paycheck into a 15" active subwoofer (Samson EX500) is playing into my decision as well.
  7. My speakers (Samson RS15) are rated at 225W RMS, 400W program, 8 ohm. My intention was to get the XLS-402, but someone recently told me that wouldn't give me enough power...that I should get the 602 or 802 instead. Which is correct? What's the difference between RMS and program anyway?
  8. New and improved XLS

    If I were to order a new XLS-402D (the new 300W model), would I be able to install this in an amp rack that is 17" deep? I saw that the manual says to leave two rack spaces above and below, but that won't be possible here (I don't have any additional rack spaces available)...I do know people that have had Crown amps stacked without this additional space, and haven't had any issues. Will it be OK if I put it in a 17" deep rack with no space above or below it (a full rack)?
  9. xls-402b

    GREAT! One other question - if I can pick up the older XLS-402B for $240 shipped, are there any new features that should really make me consider paying $400 for a newer XLS-402D?
  10. xls-402b

    I'm considering picking up this older model XLS-402B amplifier to run as my main amp - powering two Samson RS15 speakers. I have every confidence the unit will sound great, but I'm a bit worried in that I've read reviews that state the cooling fans are very loud on this amp. I'm a mobile DJ, doing small clubs, weddings, parties, etc - exactly how loud are these fans? Will the fan noise be noticeable? Have the newer XLS models decreased the fan noise? Any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!