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  1. IT series @ 2 OHMs

    Thanks a lot for the info guys...
  2. We are planning to replace our macrotec amplifers with IT's. Does anyone have any experience using these amps in very hot dusty conditions on a 2 OHMs load? Is it safe to use these amps for long hours under the above mentioned conditions? We have been using Macrotec's (always on a 4OHMs load)for the last 6 years and i am happy to say that we have not had a single faliure.
  3. Hi David, Thanks for the advice. I just thought there might be users here who own an inventory of EAW KF's and IT's or MA's. You are right about the temperature in Oman, 49C is pretty regular and it shoots up even higher. We currently use MA3600vlz to power up our subs and a combination of different XS amplifiers to power the tops. We have had some problems with the latter. We have noticed that a number of our amps just switch off with only the ac power led lighting up. The only way to get them up and running again is to reset them(using the reset switch at the back). This happens without the amp peaking. It could not be the heat because we have never used these in the extreme temperatures(outdoor in summer). I would appreciate your insight into this. I understand these amps are not designed for touring, which is why we want to shift to IT's or MZ's. MA's rock! Needed to clarify that the IT's offer the same degree of reliability(being SMPS and Digital).
  4. 42 views and no replies...no one??? We have been using Macrotec amps for over 5 years with a 0 failure rate...the only issue i have against them is they weigh too much. I have heard of some reliabilty issues with the I Tec series under hot and dusty conditions(similar conditions prevail in this country). Has anyone heard of I-Tecs failing under similar conditions.
  5. We have 12X EAW KF850's and 8XSB850's. We want to switch over to IT's or MA amplifiers to power them up. Can anyone advice me as to how many amps i would need and the best wiring solution?