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  1. talk of the town "XTI series"

    Can anyone explain to me, how can it be, that the xti 4000 has much more power then the MA1200 and it cannot compare to it?
  2. xti 4000 vs ce 4000

    Thanks Ted for your reply. After using a MA2400 for 13 years I'm finally thinking of getting the lighter XTi4000 amp. I just hope that it will give me the same clean tight punch as the MA, in "full range" operations. Thanks again, Wolf
  3. xti 4000 vs ce 4000

    Hi Ted: How would you compare the XTi4000 to the MA2400?
  4. With so many different products from Crown, how can I know which amp would do the best job for my 2 JBL 4725A? (without biamping). Thanks, Wolf