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  1. Brief sound cutouts on K2

    Here is another interesting piece of info I found: "Transformer overheating (an extremely unlikely event) will result in a temporary shutdown; when it has cooled to a safe temperature, the transformer will automatically reset itself." Could this what what was happening? What would cause a transformer to overheat? I did reconfigure the amp to 230v when I brought it over to Europe from the states. However, I placed the jumper cables correctly, replaced the fuse and attached a new power plug. Did I miss something?
  2. Brief sound cutouts on K2

    The bass came out pretty much flawless when I received it. Looked gorgeous, played smoothly and a tone to die for. However, over time it has turned out to be somewhat of a problem child. It looks like the woods Jack used hadn't been suffieciently dried out at the time, so they are still in the process of doing that today. This results in a lot of wood warping/shrinking. At some point I wasn't able to set it up properly anymore without getting fret buzz, so I had it plek'd. (www.plek.com) It played very well again, but the luthier also noticed how much the wood had warped already. He filed down the edges of the frets too, that were sticking out the side of the fret board now. About a month later, the electronics in the bass crapped out on me. I took it back to the same luthier, and first thing he noticed was that the frets were already starting to stick out over the fret board again, i.e. the wood is still shrinking. I had to have the cavity cover fixed too, as it wouldn't fit snug anymore (warped). It still looks and sounds incredibly nice, but this whole wood thing left a little aftertaste... And I live in Germany now, so I can't really just take it back to him. www.readcustom.com has been down for awhile, he hasn't been answering to emails either. From what I hear, he stopped building basses and is going to focus on amps, and he's right now going through a transition phase, or something. The preamp is awesome btw, and also Jack is a great guy to work with. He did everything in his power to make sure I got the exact bass I wanted. All the more surprising is then that the woods hadn't been drying long enough when he used them. For a guy of his caliber, that is really disappointing.
  3. Brief sound cutouts on K2

    Thanks for all the input & helpful information! I just got back from band practice and seem to figured out the problem, although it does not seem entirely logical to me. First I noticed that during the cut outs the signal led of the Crown would go completely out as well. So, no signal going into the Crown, therefore the speaker is ruled out as the culprit. I then hooked up the preamp to a different power amp, to see if it's the Read that stops sending the signal. Everything worked fine, I played a good 20 minutes straight - no problems. Which would narrow it down to the Crown. Now the next question was, why are there interruptions in the signal input in the Crown? None of the clipping or other warning LEDs were lighting up. At very low volume, it would even sound distorted at times, I noticed. The solution turned out to be turning the output gain of the preamp down to about 10 o' clock. I compensated the loss of volume by turning up the Crown (it's running in stereo, ergo at 800 watts, 4 Ohm now), and bingo! No more problems. I guess the Read has a really high output signal, or the input level on the Crown is set too high (I need to look into that, I bought it used). What puzzles me: If the input signal was too high for the Crown, shouldn't there have been warning LEDs flashing, instead of just random quiet moments? Anyways, it seems to be fine now. Thank you very much for your helpful suggestions!
  4. Brief sound cutouts on K2

    Thanks for the input, guys. I will switch to stereo mode tonight, and then just use one channel at 800 watts. That way I can try both channels separately to see if there might be a problem there, and it'll be much nicer for my cabinet... Next step would be to try a different pre or DI, but that will be harder since I don't have one.
  5. Brief sound cutouts on K2

    I am using the K2 as part my bass rig. Setup is as follows: Read Custom Bass Purity Preamp Crown K2, bridged mono at 4 Ohm Eden 410XLT speaker cabinet At my last band practice, the sound started cutting out for 1-2 seconds at a time about every other minute or so. I am trying to pinpoint where the problem lies - preamp or poweramp. None of the protection LEDs come on, so I don't think it's an overheating or clipping issue. The sound is crisp and clear when it's there, so I don't think I am overpowering the speaker either. Any ideas of what could be causing these short cutouts in sound?