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  1. Which XTi amp for JBL subs

    I understand how to bridge the amp, but what do you mean by Parellel the 2 speakers together? Maybe a dumb question, but I am unsure how to go about doing this. And do you do this because the speakers are rated at 4ohms and bridging the amp would take it down to 2 ohms??? Thanks
  2. My Xti 4000 shows a signal in ch2 whenever I am in Bridged mode, and am only connected to ch1 input. I will keep an eye on this to see if it occurs in different setups once the software is released....
  3. I noticed that my Xti4000 gets quite warm/hot during *beep*tail hour and dinner...when volumes are moderate at best. I don't think the fan runs at all at this time. Although, once the party gets going and I start cranking the amp (always hitting -20db, and occasionally hitting -10db) the fan must kick on, because when I feel the amp later in the evening - it is actually cool, not even warm!! I have never had any thermal lights come on though. I do have 2 K2's stacked where the thermal light used to come on, but now I run a fan across the fronts of those - problem solved.
  4. Xti Trouble With Channel 2

    I took the amp back to my dealer and it was exchanged out. Even though they said it was on back-order...A new one was in the store for me a couple days later. I am excited to see how this amp performs! Thank you Crown !!!
  5. Alright, I am totally frustrated here. I have used my Xti 4000 to run my top speakers full range about 6 times now. I use the banana speaker outputs, and on 2 occasions channel 2 has went out on me. Luckily I have been able to change the setting on the front display to CH1 + CH2 and that restores sound to the channel 2 speakers - Although the quality of sound seems to be diminished. Anyone have any suggestions as to what may be going on????
  6. XTi 4000 verses Crown K2

    In my other post I stated that I always used 2 K2's with an external crossover to drive my JBL SR-X series subs and tops. I purchased an XTi 4000, and after working out some kinks with the DSP settings - this one amp does the job of both K2's with no problem. I have used the amp 4 times the last 2 weeks and am amazed with it's power...the lights barely reached -10 if ever. I loved my K2's, but 2 of them at 30 lbs apiece vs. 1 XTi at 17lbs - I'm liking it...not to mention sucking 7 - 9 less amps out of the wall!!! So far I am VERY impressed!!!
  7. Used Xti 4000 for first time

    Finally got the amp to work correctly...Set up in crossover mode, and CH1 + CH2, or Y-Input both work. Like stated earlier, you do not have individual control over High or Low volumes, but just turning up the lows on the external EQ for now until software is released. So far, I think the amp is a great addition to Crown.
  8. XTi System Architech

    I'm with you...getting very anxious to use the software and hope it is released soon...
  9. Used Xti 4000 for first time

    OK - I have tried every set up possible using only the front controls, and various DSP set-ups. The problem still exists that the "Highs" are obviousely lacking one channel of audio - any song recorded in Stereo will be lacking using this setup. I am very disappointed because this amp has more than enough power to drive my 2 subs and 2 tops...but I will still be forced to use 2 amps to provide proper sounding "Highs". Hopefully the software will be able to correct this problem, otherwise I may buy a Driverack PA to provide crossovcer capabilities, and only use 1 amp.
  10. Used Xti 4000 for first time

    Thanks for the info... As far as I know, System Architect currently does not work with the the Xti series yet, but should be supported by the end of this month. I am awaiting word that the software is compatible before I download it. I did set the amp to crossover mode, set the limiting to -3, and EQ'd the channel driving the highs. The only thing I didn't try was to set the input Y....and I am going to cross my fingers and try that tomorrow.
  11. Used Xti 4000 for first time

    I will have to double check if the signal is summed or not. I just figured if you set up the amp in crossover mode, it would automatically sum the inputs and send that signal to one side of the amp as "highs". I will look into the problem some more and report back. I will be glad when the HiQnet software comes out.
  12. I used to use 2 K2's with an external rane crossover to drive my 2 JBL MPro 18" subs, and JBL SR-X 4722 Tops. Kinda overkill, but it sounded great and I liked running the tops in stereo. I just used the Xti 4000 for the first time, used the built in crossover and had channel one drive the lows and channel two drive the highs. This amp kickes *ss as far as volume and bass kick are concerned. My problem is with the fullness and quality of the highs...some songs seemed to be missing something - i.e. the horns in Van Morrison "Into the Mystic" were very weak. Is this a normal problem when you make a signal mono, or is the amp lacking??? I may need to go back to using 2 amps. Thank You