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    I am a Pro Drummer and also own and run the band pa. I just traded my Ber. 2500 in on the new XTi 4000 and wish they would release the software for it. I have JBL and two 15" sub's. I want to trade my JBL JRX 115 for two more JBL JRX 112m. That way I would have four of them. Two for mains and two monitor's.
  1. XTi series amps

    So the real reason you want my XTi 4000 is because the dealers can't get one right now. I manage to use it right now with my DBX driverack. I want to use the EQ in the amp. Why don't you get out $1400.00 And you can have my XTi.
  2. XTi series amps

    Well I downloaded what I thought was the right software and it still has no XTi amp in it. So I'm sorry for saying anything about it. I don't know when Crown is going to get it together. But it sure makes me want to buy another Crown amp. I have a XTi 4000 and can't do anything with it. I think I'll go back to QSC. Better support, longer warranty, and more power.
  3. XTi series amps

    Well I did it again I shot my mouth off with out looking for this software first. I just downloaded the upgrade and installed it. Now I have to try to use it. Thank you very much for getting this software out to everybody that needs it!! So I am very sorry I said what I did.
  4. XTi series amps

    Well I waited till July and still no software yet. So is it July what or Aug. or Sept. or Oct. or Nov. or Dec. or what year? So far it's been end of May then soon then July! Can we get any answers or just the run around again?
  5. XTi series amps

    Well you were saying by the end of May, right! I had heard it from a Crown dealer in Milwaukee.
  6. XTi series amps

    I heard June 10. I sure hope so.
  7. New Speakers

    Get the JRX 115. I run these speakers and a DBX DriveRack PA and they sound great. The JRX 115 sound almost as good as my JRX 125. The DriveRack really does the job well if you find the right eq setting for it. I use a QSC PLX 3002 amp on them. I just bought the new Xti 4000 and are waiting for the firm ware from Crown. I use this amp for JRX 125 speakers and can't wait until I get the firm ware for it.