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  1. I would like some suggestions regarding the best way to set up my system. It's old, but simple: 2 ea Peavey SP2 speakers 1 ea CE-2000 amp I want the most power output. Current setup: Stereo/Bridge-Mono Switch set to "Bridge" 1/4" plug from mixer output into channel 1 Using Neutrik Speakon NL4FC connector from output Channel 1 I'm wiring the speakers in parallel and here's how the Speakon connector is wired: Both speakers + to the +1 and both speakers - to the +2. I'm using 12 gauge speaker wire and I'm having a hard time getting both leads into one of the connector positions. Is there a better way to set this up? i.e. Can I use the bridge setting and the +1 and -1 for one speaker and the +2 and -2 for the other speaker in the same connector? Thanks