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  1. Hi, DGlass. Thanks for your reply. I have been contacted with Sovico about this difficulty. But a service engineer(concerned k-serise) of Sovico have rejected my requisition(checking my k1) Can I ask Sovico to check/repair my k1 in my expense. is it collect?????? Have a nice day!
  2. Please everyone, send to me Data sheet(concerned Free-transformer input AC voltage setting )
  3. Hi....., I live in Dae-Jeon city, South Korea. Because Crown k1 was out of stock in South Korea, I bought K1 from www.pssl.com in USA by vicarious execution buying of www.expo09.com on 3/22/2006. I knew that it was a new article, But It was used article. Also It was opened and scratched cover of top. So that I asked www.expo09.com to sent back it, however www.expo09.com asked me to pay buyer's expense. High expenses.... Oh my god! I gave up that it sent back.... Because Crown k1 was setted AC 115V(60Hz), I set it to AC 220V(60Hz) by consultation of sovico(distributor of Crown In Korea ; www.sovico.co.kr ) Maybe It's heat is over 40?. I asked for checking sovico, But sovico rejected because it was out of import by sovico. Please, I want to change a new article and receive a Data sheet(concerned Free transformer input AC voltage setting ) from Crown Audio®, Inc,. I want to service by sovico within prescription of warrnety. My serial NO. is A455726. Passed date was 10/24/2005 on sheet of Proof of Performance Peport.