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  1. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    just the one amplifier
  2. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    could of just been a faulty board, hence the reason it's just one amp. humidity was 90% here about 2 month's ago. guess you can call that drenched. it's heading for winter now so humidity wont be a problem for a while, plan to have aircon installed in the dj booth by summer.
  3. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    hmm... seems everything has gotten abit confusing here. 1st set of boards : The origional ones that came with the amplifier, played realy well. didnt have a trouble in the world untill they where put 1 foot under water. 2nd set of boards : Newer model with a softstart, put them in, connected everything up. and they played great for quite some time, probibly about 6 month's or so. (can check if i realy need to) then at a gig for some reason they didnt want to switch on. Turn them on and the fault light's flash like expected, but when they stop the green power light slowly dim's out and the amplifier is compleatly dead. the thing with this fault is that it is sometimes there and sometimes they just work perfectly. these are the boards i sent away and the crown repair center here tell's me the one channel is blown. I find this hard to believe cause they sometimes work and they sometimes dont. 3rd set of boards : These are new, got them last week monday, had them installed by tuesday, and pretty much tested them the entire week till friday. Friday took them to the club, put them in and they sounded AWSOME. Then i left the club to go dj elsewhere (9ish). got a msg on my mobile at aroudn about 12:45, the amplifier clip light's are on nomater what the volume, amplifier was turned on and off, still the clip light's remained on. I went over to the club to take a look(1am ish), was realy wierd, the amplifier was still playing perfectly, but the clip light's where still glowing. even if i plug it in now the light's are still glowing red, but it still play's without a problem.
  4. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    Now i am totally confused, the 2 boards that i replaced had a fault that came and went. They worked sometimes and then sometimes didn't work. I could not do business like that, sent them of to the crown repair center here in south africa and they tell me that one channel of each amplifier is totally fried. I find this very hard to believe considering that they work sometimes and sometimes they don't. How can one channel be fried one day and not the next?
  5. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    well if the fault lights came on i would say there is maybe a problem, but it isnt the fault light's. it's the clip lights, they are on and not going off. the amplifier still play's fine. did a test today, the audio is still clear. it's just the clip light's seem to be stuck on. i am not that sure if there is something wrong with the transformer, as i said, the last 2 boards i bought worked fine for quite sometime before giving any problems. i am pretty sure it's the humidity that messed them up.
  6. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    Well i have just given up with crown amplifiers. I truley loved my CE2000's, but now i am just fed up. I bought some replacement boards from here in south africa, cost me a arm and a leg, put them in on tuesday. pretty much tested them the entire week. played wonderfully. tonight i take them to a gig, they sounded wonderfull, much better than the amp's that i was using while they where being repaired. and then at 1 am in the morning the one's clip light's come on and stay on. the amp is still playing fine, but for some reason the clip light's are just staying on. tryed turning the amp on and off... didnt make a difference, unplugged the signal and still no difference. the light's are on and showing no signs of turning off. I love the CE2000's, but just cant continue replacing main boards all the time. so this can be counted as board no 3. Dissapointed crown customer.
  7. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    hehe... the *beep* thing rox
  8. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    Well I use the product's for a business aswell, it's just that it seems to get alittle expensive replacing boards the whole time. gone through 4 CE2000 boards in the last 2 years. i admit that the failing of the first two was my own fault (had a roof collapse in a rainstorm , the amp's ended up under about a foot of water). It's just the second two just stopped working, if they blew up and there was sparks and fire... i would say *beep*... replace the boards. it's just there was a intermitant fault.. and then they just died, and i don't seem like the first person with this problem. surely after one amp has been fixed, it's a *beep* of alot easyer to trace the problem. I am personally blaming the humidity here where i live, it's just that i expect a pro amplifier to be able to continue working. The club is about 100 m away from the sea, and there is no aircon. It's just really disappointing and is getting alittle expensive to replace them.
  9. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    there is nothing burnt. as i said it was a fault that came and went... and now it is here to stay. there is no burning spell.
  10. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    The problem isnt that they wont fix it... the problem is that they cant fix it. Phoned through and asked, they said they dont/wont repair the amp boards cause it is a waist of time, instead they will replace the boards. So at the end of the day it's still going to cost thousands...
  11. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    they are aprox 12000 ZAR (south africa rands)
  12. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    that's 2000$ USD. I did it the legit way, dont realy have a choice, cant get it out of customs untill all duties have been payed. yes it is a risk. but i bought 2 of these unit's for the same price and imported them with all the taxes and still only payed half of what they want for one here. and yes, the unit's i have are running at 240v. would it actualy make a difference the 50 or 60hz thing considering the amplifier work's off a dc voltage, should all be sorted out by the rectifier and the smoothing cap's that come on the board. Another question if it isnt to "top secret" what are the voltages that come out of the transformer in the transformer? and how many amp's? also there is some kinda sensor in there, guessing it's to check on the heat? is this correct?
  13. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    Thing with buying the unit here in South africa is that it will cost me about 2000$ for a CE 2000. doesnt that sound alittle steep? Feel free to check up, as i was just going to buy a new one, and then i almost died of heart attack when i found out the price. It's actualy realy bad how the prices can be soooooooo different. Isnt there something that can be done about this... it's criminal the price difference.
  14. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    Problim is that they will not service it. it is going to cost me alot of money to get them fixed. they where bought from over seas and they wont service them here. so there is realy nothing any one can do for me?
  15. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    any one able to help out?