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  1. Thanks Bud, Yeah, I'm using the amp for 2 x 4 ohm midrange cabs (approx. 200hz-1Khz, each loaded with 2 x JBL 2225....about 800W ea cab). So, I will NEVER need to push this amp very much at all (feeding this speaker configuration). I got the 1200 simply for the headroom. I will have to pick up one of those plug adapters, as a lot of bars we play might not have 20A outlets. If they do have 20A outlets....I'll gladly plug directly into them (even though I'm not going to draw anywhere close to 20A). Thanks for all your help!! jim
  2. Hi, Look on page 3 and catalog number 30250 Link here: Adapter Plug You do have a 20 amp plug on the XS1200, an amplifier which has been discontinued. It's there for a reason! There is adaptor plugs to 15 amps but I cannot recommend their usage. You should try and find a 20 amp plug, most commercial buildings do have 20 amp receptacles. If this is for use in your home, guarantee that you have a 20 amp breaker and wiring and that the outlet is dedicated, without other circuits running to that same breaker, you can replace your outlet with a 15/20 amp outlet. When practicing at a friends house, we first use a outlet tester (easily obtained at Home Depot, Ace hardware etc...) and checked the outlet, that it is correct. Next while one person is at the breaker box, check to see just which outlets or lights that breaker controls. During practice we make sure that the other outlets are not used, so as to not take power from the Amplifiers etc.. If you are lucky you will have two breakers and outlets in a room, though most houses will put one bedroom on a single Breaker. I rent but if I owned a home which I am trying to do now, I would have dedicated power run to the Rehearsal space within it. I am lucky that our Drummer works for an Electrical Contractor. Tread carefully when dealing with AC power! Depending on what other Amplifiers and Equipment that you have, you may want to consider a Power Distro. Good Luck, Bud 3149[/snapback] Thanks Bud, Yeah, this amp (and 2 or 3 others....lower power) will only be used at small/medium gigs in bars/clubs. I just may have to look into a distro. I had no idea the xs1200 was discontinued....it's still listed as current on the crown site. Hmm....I just got mine brand new and haven't even powered it up yet. Thanks! jim
  3. Just figured out it's a NEMA 20A power cord. But how do I use this in standard AC outlets? Is there an adapter or something I should use? Thanks!
  4. Just got my new XS1200.....went to power it up at a gig, and was baffled by the power plug. Never seen this before ever. It's marked as a 120V standard version....and the power plug doesn't look like a 220V or240V plug. The prongs (on the amp itself and on the plug) are 'sideways' (instead of the standard vertical). Then, on the end of the AC cable one of the prongs is turned vertically from the rest. Again, I have never seen this plug type and it will not fit into any ac outlet I've ever seen. How do I use my new amp if I can't power it up? I'm new....so this may be a stupid/simple oversight. Thanks!