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  1. So according to the spec sheet your sub is 4 ohms. for your peavey speakers they are good for about 300 watts each, so would be careful to not push the amp too much because chance are you will burn some voice coil. Yoursub i'm not familar with the brand and by looking at the spec sheet they are not concistent with their spec on one page they say 1200watts rms and the other 1600 watts rms. I would make sure to have a hipass set around 40 or 45 hz to avoid damage again. For your other question your amp is running at 4 ohms on but side so no big deal for the amp, it is rated for 2 ohms.
  2. Safe for the amplifier or speakers? could you please list your speakers (brand and model), that would help to figure out stuff.
  3. Those speaker are rated 4 ohms so you cannot hookup two in parrallel on your amp in bridged mode. You should set your amp in stereo mode.
  4. What kind of setup are you looking for??? You just have to plug the speaker and play music, what brand,model of speaker are you refering to? Speaker are not running anything amplifier will though.
  5. Part Needed For Crown Amp XLS 202

    this is called a resistor, why you think it needs to be replace? go to the support tab of crown web site and download the shcematic for your amp and call them directely they will get you what you need.
  6. PSA 2 Vs XTi 2002

    Why you want to replace it, what kind of speaker you have, do you need internal dsp, light weight etc etc just little more details on what you really want will help you helping you.
  7. Macro-Tech i power Consumtion
  8. Different color here your answer
  9. XTI2000 in Bridge or Stereo

    Minimum load in bridged mode is 4 ohms
  10. Yes you can,think the amp as 2 mono amps in one case, as long you load within minimum spec the amplifier does not care, cheer
  11. If you read carefully the FAQ this forum never been for tech support, but some people from Crown were here on a volunteer basis.
  12. Do you mean gain????? the 2 knobs in front are use as gain so full clock wise you need less input to achieve full output....
  13. XLS 402 - 2 Ohm Load

    Yes they shut down when over heating, never a good idea to run an amplifier to its minimum impedance run it @ 4 ohms and get a second one, those amps a so cheap to get, plus you do have a spare if one go boom so the show can go on.
  14. Crown XLS 2000

    In order to get full output first you need to show 1.4 volts to the input not .7 volts and this is a minimum (gain knob at 0) cheer.
  15. crown k2

    hello the sleep circuits is bypessed . i got the crown k2 for runing my subs on my ht system and i found that the sleep circiuts would activate and deactivate . very frustrating when watching a movie so i bypassed it .so you are suggesting that if i run it on a higher level it will run more efficient and not run as hot . have youn heard of any one water cooling the crown k series . thank you for youre input Like i said earlier i would not sweat too much about that heat unless you have real issues, i own 2 Bryston 4B (30 years old) and they do get hot to(convection cooled) when used, even at idle according to Bryston still use 100 watts ish just like the K serie. Water cooled is probably possible, i had a computer water cooled....