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  1. I have been using an Xti2000 for use with a bass guitar for two years, and it has worked great! I did not have a laptop (or a way to get the amp with a windows computer) available, so I set the Xti manually for XOV, driving a sub from CH1 and a top from CH2. I also have an xlr jumper from CH1 output to CH2 input. This enabled me to control the outputs with both amp gain knobs. Now I want to use an Xti2000 to power two tops from channel 2 and a sub from channel 1. I have a speakon "coupler" that enables me to drive the two tops from CH2, but how would I connect two inputs from the mixer if I occupy the channel 2 input with channel 1 output? Do I set the Xti at stereo (or SUM) and XOV, remove the jumper, and use both CH inputs for mixer inputs? Is there a way to control sub/top balance? Thanks in advance! Mark
  2. XTI 2000 Question

    I, too, want to use an Xti2000 to power two tops from channel 2 and a sub from channel 1. How would I connect two inputs from the mixer if I occupy the channel 2 input with channel 1 output? I have used the Xti2000 for a sub/top bass guitar rig the past two years, and it has been great! I used the xlr cable from 1 to 2 for this purpose, but now need to use the sub in a PA setting. Thanks! Mark
  3. Xti2000 weird noise

    Thanks for continuing to think this through! I'm clueless about electronics. I learned a torid device is: "A noise suppression device is disclosed which comprises a toroid-shaped device comprising an amorphous magnetic alloy ribbon wound with plural turns, or ring-shaped pieces formed from an amorphous magnetic alloy ribbon and laminated in plural number, and a through-hole through which an electrical line or lead is inserted, and having a value of Do satisfying the relation of L<Do.ltoreq.5L when an average diameter of said device is Do, provided that the average diameter is an arithmetic mean value of the outer diameter of the device and the diameter of the through-hole, and the largest length at a cross section of said line or said lead, L, is smaller than the diameter of the through-hole." OK ... now that my eyes have glazed over, and all that in one sentence .. ... can you tell me what item in an electronics parts store I can buy to plug into? Thanks again! Mark
  4. Xti2000 weird noise

    Is there anything I can purchase that will remove the noise? Is there another brand of inverter available that I may not be aware of? Thanks! Mark
  5. Xti2000 weird noise

    Thanks for your reply! I can't find an alternative to this inverter. The nice thing about this inverter is it is self-contained, and there are no cables or connectors for students to bump into (or mess with). The company, Xantrex, is not very responsive to inquiries. I'll call them, get placed on "hold," and wait for over 20 minutes before being disconnected. MY
  6. Xti2000 weird noise

    Thanks for your reply! The inverter is a Xantrex XPower Powerpack 1500 (, and I have not found a better one. If you know of one, I would appreciate the information. The noise didn't occur with the QSC1450 amp. Where can one find a "regulator pack?" I'm not electronics "savvy." Thanks again! MY
  7. Xti2000 weird noise

    OK. I've received an email fro PS Audio, and it stated:"There could be a couple of things happening to cause the noise from the Crown amp. The most likely candidate is a DC offset issue with your power inverter. This means there is DC riding on the AC power which results in physical movement of the transformer. The physical movement translates to noise. The only devices I am aware of to eliminate the DC are our UPC-200HB or Humbuster AC. Unfortunately both have been discontinued and are no longer available, thus you would need to look for one on the used market." Any suggestions? Thanks! MY
  8. Xti2000 weird noise

    Thanks for your reply! These filters are for the electrical side, right? Are there not any pre-made? I'm not electronics savvy. MY
  9. Xti2000 weird noise

    I received an email regarding this issue. It stated: "A static inverter makes main power with high frequency electronic switches, the result is a 120V sinus wave with a lot of harmonics; as the XTi main supply is also switched, it takes high frequency noise and the audio path is affected. Maybe you have to insert a power filter (inductors and capacitors) between the inverter and the XTi in order to clean the main power." I have used a Furman, and a Juice Goose, but to no avail. I understand it's better not to go through one of them, anyway. I have seen (in the past) a unit that is about twice the size of a three prong adapter that is supposed to filter harmonics. I can't find one now. Suggestions? Thanks in advance! MY
  10. I power a bass guitar rig with an inverter. Last year, I used a QSC14650 with success, but I wanted to use the additional power and crossover capability of the Xti2000. When powered by the inverter, the amp creates a very high pitch sound. When using "normal" power, it doesn't. This sound exists even when turned off. This didn't happen with the QSC1450. The sound, although annoying, isn't very loud, and is covered up by all the other noises around it. Any suggestions? Thanks! MY
  11. Low shelf filter?

    Thanks for your reply! SO .. if I leave the slider at "0," or not enable the feature, then there is no change? Thanks again! MY
  12. Please explain to this novice about what a low shelf filter is (Xti2000), and what it does. Does it filter out all frequencies below the established frequency (initially set at 110)? That would take a lot out, wouldn't it? For bass guitar use, would I not use it, or set it at a different frequency? Thanks in advance! MY
  13. Newbie software ?

    Thanks! I, then, can adjust the crossover point wherever I want, right? Great! Thanks so much! Mark
  14. Newbie software ?

    Thanks for your reply! This software looks much easier! At this time, I am in stereo mode, running a jumper from channel one to two, and have the xover set at the preset 100. Once I use the software, do I maintain "stereo," or switch to "Y input," set the xover at ___, and eliminate the jumper cable? Thanks again! Mark
  15. I finally got the Xti2000 for bass guitar use only. Nothing complicated, xover to sub, the rest going to the top. I do, however, want to take advantage of the software available to change the xover point from 100 to something slightly higher. I have downloaded the London Architect software, but after opening the program, I am lost. Are there "modules" with pre-programmed scenarios to open with London Architect? Thanks in advance. MY