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  1. New to the forum

    Hello, Now that you had this amp a while, what do you think now? I was going to buy 3 XLS amps but the more I read, see and think, the more I like the XTI better. Is it white or silver, the photos give both looks in different areas? The lighter weigh is very nice also. Thnaks, GLENN
  2. Bridged verses Stereo

    David, Thanks for clearing that issue. Now I understand why you said that about the Y. I was reading, using and intended on buying the D series of the XLS. That is why I said it had no info on a Y. Cleared now, Thanks. GLENN
  3. Bridged verses Stereo

    Hello David, Thank you for your comments. I did forget to say it was going to used in 8 ohms. I have to say that the owners manual states, when using bridge mode connect one line input to the channel 1 (only and speakon top connector out only. Nothing is said about any Y connectors. Where is this coming from? If I do something not written in this manual, I will be held in account for damages to my epquipment, amps and or speakers. Sorry for questioning you but please clear this issue that you brought up. I do not have these amps yet, I said that I was going to be buying these items and which set up would be better and more effective. I saved a copy of that Y connector page you offered the other guy. Thanks, GLENN
  4. I am going to buy 2 SRX738 JBL and thought of using 2 XLS 402 bridged mono, one for left and one for right. This will put out 900w. Is this set up better than using one XLT 802 in stereo 800w? Just asking others thoughts. This is only for audio sounds in home like XM radio and CD's. I will also be using dbx 120a subharmonic Synthesizer and dbx 1215 dual band EQ. Thanks for any thoughts and guideness. GLENN