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  1. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    Thanks for your suggestion, B
  2. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    Thanks for your suggestion, Bud. Yes, I have tried with inputs and outputs disconnected and it made no difference. For the last two days, it has not played up at all, though I have employed various percussive techniques to stir up the problem...ahem (technicians should know what I mean). I'm thinking I will have to open it up and try to assure that the protection circuitry itself is stable, then look for some condition that might be hovering near the brink of triggering the protection. Maybe the output DC offset is drifting and occasionally crosses the threshold. I'll probably need a schematic before I go looking any further as I'm not on intimate terms with the Crown circuitry. There is a Crown distributor here in Auckland but I don't know what the service is like. With an intermittent fault that only occurs occasionally, I'm worried that it might be money down the drain, paying for a serviceman to either not find the fault, or try something and assume the fault is cured, only for it to reappear in a few days or months. I've designed, built and serviced amps and other audio gear in years gone by (before I concentrated on computers and networking) so I'm curious enough, brave enough, and hopefully clever enough to do the job myself. Does anyone have a schematic for this beast or similar model e.g. the CE1000??? Cheers. Howdy, Have you tried turning on the amp with nothing plugged into it, no Inputs or Outputs? If you have not, then do that. If you have and the Amp does the same thing, take it in for Service! You can find Crown Authorized Service Centers on the main website, or send it in to Crown direct. Call Crown if it's still under Warranty! Good luck, Bud 3116[/snapback]
  3. At power-on, the clip and fault indicators flash for about 5 seconds then the relays click in--as normal. But then the relays immediately click out and the lights flash again for 5 seconds and the relays click in again...then out again...and so on. This cycle just keeps repeating and the amp is unusable This is an intermittent fault. Most days everything is fine, but some days the amp just refuses to play ball. Any suggestions?