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  1. CTS-600

    Hi All, My problem with this amplifier is the following, Turn amplifier ON it starts OK, after couplr of minutes, the Rerady LEDS gose OFF turn amplifier ON/OFF many times same problem. Wait 2 - 3 Hours it may work may nOt. Any help will be really appreciated..
  2. Macrotech 5002

    This unit needs to be sent to a service center for repair, its not easy to fix this unit yourself. Dont even try.
  3. Can I use the CTs-600 Amplifier to operate the Contro24CT speakers without using the TP-170V Transformer Panel? This speaker needs 70V line, and there is NO switch in the amplifier to switch between 4/8OHM - 70/100V LINE. I am wondering why crown dosent say that in the manual that comes with the unit, becuase it indicates that you can use the amplifier in 70V mode or 4/8OHM mode this is a very strange, however from my experiance, there was a switch for the operation mode to switch the amp. in the CT MODELS Please advice by email, if possible