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  1. Xti 4000 220v

    It works on 220vac line wit with some power looses. If it droops under 210Vac, you'll confronting with some errors, showing short on display or even get mutted.
  2. Need one man (me) for working for Crown Service? I'm coming to USA!
  3. The flexi cable was melted and open circuit in both of remaining parts. It was just flexi cable failure, between foils, no one touched chassis or any other internal parts. Could be an isolation failure, also for me, is the first time when I found that foil burnt... It could happen, also after so much years of using. Anyway, for me, the Macrotech 5000VZ is the most advanced class AB+B amplifier, ever made by Crown. Oldschool, heavy like mountain, but very powerfull and nice-clean sound. I fix all of them with happiness, because I love them! If I was in USA (I'm Romanian), I already had repair shop oldschool CROWN amplifiers...
  4. Some pictures during output devices replacement with MJ21193+MJ21194 on both channels, even if CH1 was OK: Explanation of repairing and recalibration (in Romanian language) and tests on dummy load:
  5. The GUILTY one... : TESTS on dummy load: 8 Ohms: 4 Ohms: 2 Ohms:
  6. A friend of mine bought a Amcron 5000VZ with a channel (CH2) dead. After opened and inspected, I saw what you see on pictures, foil connection between output module and binding post outpouts, shortcircuited and melted... I have mounted new output devices MJ21193 and MJ21194 (carefully matched), I replaced burnt foil connection on both channels, with wires, with double isolation (thermocontractil tube above official wire isolation), recalibrated from manual service, the amp works FLAWLESS. This is the first time when I fix of that kind of failure...
  7. I-T8000 & I-T6000

    For Itech 6000, press couple seconds vol knob, wiill get into mute and unmute, if press again. On first one (8000) if clipping is permanent, with or without signal, or speaker, tell me on PM, and I will help you.
  8. MA 5000VZ failure

    Check the amp to be in stereo mode, not bridge or mono parralel. If is in stereo mode, open it and check connectors of volume knob (weak contact), grey cables, red marked by me, or if volume knob did cut wires, (unmount front mask).
  9. Channel 2 had blown outpud devices, I have replaced all with new ones MJ21195 + MJ21196, SOA of 3Amps/80 Volts ,On Semiconductor , recalibrated bias,ODEP, and testing. Enjoy it in mine poor speaked english, and excuse when I said eight ohms, both dummy loads are 4 ohms. INTRO: Presentation PART 1 PART 2 LAST PART
  10. Thanks CROWN STUFF for help, the amp was fixed. The amp has been repaired, and after repair,tested in hard conditions. Being out of warranty, and out of hand to be sent in USA to Crown service (I'm based in Romania) I asked schematics to Crown Staff (very punctually, thank them for that) and I have fixed it, finally. Movies are in Romanian language, but the movies are very easy to understand it. Mine mistake is in first movie (INTRO), I have told , the SMPS is half bridge , but is FULL BRIDGE, sorry for that. His comportament is like her sister Itech 5000HD, inside being almost the same, both of them, excepting display part and output stage (few small differences at output stage). I can give 10 stars for SMPS part , where in idle I have measured +/- 162,5Vdc , and in full load, both channels loaded with 4 ohms dummy load, it dropps till +/- 161Vdc with almost 4,5 Kw loaded . Minuses points are for very noisy cooling, and small slew rate above 14Khz in squarewave testing. Ok, let's the movies speak! INTRO PART 1 PART 2 SQUAREWAVE Some oscillograms in squarewave at 100-1000-10000Hz
  11. Ok, thank you very much for your answer! All the best!
  12. So, the LPS series are or not, CROWN? So if it's Crown, why Phonic Transformer?
  13. Hi, are the Crown LPS series, Crown amplifiers manufactured in CHINA, or are some PHONIC farses? Because it lools like an Crown on outside design, but inside is PHONIC transformer and schematic of LPS model looks like an ClassH 2 step amplifier, and from as I know, Crown never used Class H in their designs... So, anyone from STAFF can tell the truth about this LPS series amplifiers of Crown? Since Crown becomed Harman concern, alot of low end products on market, including XLS series... :angry: Where are the old times when macrotech series (5000VZ) was the king of the quality on big power amplifiers class AB+B on the market? Here's some photos: