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  1. wiring my EQ to Crown XLS 602

    I second that regarding the dBX really a surperb unit. I have a 260 and its so flexible, user friendly and intuative.NO more analogue filters with phaseshift at the Graphic EQ stage.
  2. Crown XLS 602

    Thanks for all your replies I decided to buy 2 Crown XLS 602. This my set up will be: Mixer--->dBx 260 O/P 1-2---->High O/P------>XLS 602------> JBL JRX 115 O/P 3-4----> Mid O/P------>XLS 602------> JBL JRX 115 Crossovers will be set to full range.
  3. Crown XLS 602

    Thanks for your reply. Yes will be in stereo mode. This is the situation: I have Crown XLS 602 with 2 pairs of JRX 115's both to be used as full range speakers.
  4. Crown XLS 602

    I guess it can't be done as the amp is not rated fro 2 ohms.Maybe I series/parallel the speakers.
  5. Dear All, Is it safe to drive 1 Crown XLS 602 amp with 4 [2 pairs] JBL JRX 115 speakers? This means the amp will get a 2 ohm load.There are only specs for 8 and 4 ohm loads in the brochure. Thanks