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  1. Hello, I am looking for a good amp to run the hf when bi-amping 2 pr of SRX 715's. I want to be able to upgrade to 3 per side without needing more amps. I am currently running IT-4000's, MA-2402's and a 3600. I realize that once I add the extra SRX's I will need at least one more amp for the mids. I am running HiQ with DR4800 and PIP-lites on the MA's to be able to set avg and pk power to the drivers. I run portable sound (rental company) for indoor and outdoor gigs and noticed that the CTs are in the category for installed sound. I was looking at the XTI but noticed no avg and peak pwr settings. What are the dis-advantages if any for using a CTs for portable indoor / outdoor applications? Any other suggestions? Thanks for your assistance. Roland
  2. Hello... I am running PIP-LITE (V2.0.3.1) modules on Macro-Techs with SA (1.10.10). During setup for the "Average Power Limiter", the visual graph represents the threshhold in Watts and the input window indicates the threshold in Volts (indicated next to the input window). The value entered in the window appears to track 1 : 1 numerically with the representation on the graph which leads me to believe that either the graph actually represents volts, the input value is actually in Watts or I am overlooking something simple... setup, firmware ect..... Which is correct. Does the value in the input window represent watts or volts? Thanks, Roland
  3. I am running a pair of MA 2402's with PIP-Lites. Can the inputs on the PIP-Lite be safely paralleled with a Y-cable? Thanks