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  1. XLS 602 Fault problem

    Ok I received my amp back it works (till now) but this simple problem had a high price. The total cost with shipping and repair was 175 $. But I don't know what could it cost so much and the 3 years warranty, well they don't even wanted to hear about. So this is Romania, this is the costumer support in this *beep* country.
  2. XLS 602 Fault problem

    Ok today I've sent them the amp by a courier, witch I had to paid and of course the return I will pay it also. So in this *beep* country, Romania the costumer support is awful. Witch is the fault of the people eduction and culture here. So wish me the best, I only hope that I'll get back a repaired amp witch I can use for a longer while before it breaks down again of course I hope it won't kick the bucket again.
  3. XLS 602 Fault problem

    Thank You
  4. XLS 602 Fault problem

    Yes I bought it from here and they say that the 3 year warranty is only for the USA. I have talked only on the phone, and I'm taking the amp next week because I am from another city. So probably when I get to them I'll need to convince to contact you or at least to read this forum because they certanly wont believe me.
  5. XLS 602 Fault problem

    Novi Sad hmmm there will be the Exit festival right ? Are you part of the organization? Anyways getting back to the amp today I'm taking it to a technician and if he can't resolve it then I'll go to electrovox where I bought them but there it will cost a lot.
  6. XLS 602 Fault problem

    I am using two JBL JRX 125 speakers each has 4 ohm and 500 w and for 2 years it was working fine, and as I said the amp goes into fault without the speakers being connected. I just run through a signal and the fault goes on after 5 min, but if don't run any signal the fault doesn't comes on.
  7. XLS 602 Fault problem

    Well when I turn the amp on the fault comes on and it goes away in a few seconds thats normal it was like that every time it is even written in the manual. As I said the fault comes on after 5-10min of normal use with the volumes not even half a way up. And when the fault kicks in the fans RPM are raised but that beacuse tha fault is on, which is not normal that the fault turns on after 5 min of normal use. The amp is not over heated or something and there is no smell of somethin being burned or if it's burning. The amp is not dead beacuse it still produces sound even at high volumes only the fault kicks in and it can not be used, only for 5 min. :angry: . And if you shut turn it of and turn it on again 5 min, but I don't want to force the amp porbably it will be more worst. PS: I have bought the amp from romania, beacuse I live here, from these guys, and I don't know I if they can service it, but I call them monday about the problem. And another bad thing I have the amp for 2 years, and the gave me only 1 year warranty, beacuse they said that only for the USA applys the 3 year warranty, is this true ? I'll hope someone helps me, Thanks
  8. Hello I have an xls 602 and it just started to go in fault and make a loud pop in the speakers, after a few seconds the fault goes away but no sound from the speakers, but the volume wasn't even at half way up. After this I turn the power off and on again everything sounds ok, but after 5-10min the fault goes on again and the same thing. I've tried this 3-4 times and always the same thing. I have tried to plug only the amp in to the AC and nothing else and I've connected my mp3 player to it I've un-plugged the speaker cabels to avoid the popping and yes the fault appeard again after 5 min with the volume not even half way up. So I've tried it no more, because I probably do more damage. What it can be done ? The service is the only solucion ? PLS help PS: I've even tried different AC cabels and different signal cabels and the same thing. So it's most probably that the amp had it.
  9. JBL Control 1 Pro

    Or any other amp is fine just tell me which
  10. I want to buy a pair of JBL Control 1 Pro speakers but I don't know which crown amp to buy. Some can help? Thanks
  11. As I've noticed on there is not mentioned if there is a forum available. Is there one ?
  12. XLS 602 + JBL JRX 125

    Hi Clubber, When your Amp Clip lights light up then it means that the Amp's Input is being overloaded which you can correct by either turning the Amps gain knobs down a bit or turn down the Source Input, the Behringer. The way to know which should be turned down, the Amp or the Behringer is all about "Gain Structure" see below.... An occasional clip light is not terrible but I prefer to never see it at all. You can set up your Gain Structure for your System by connecting your Source Input to the Behringer and then the Outputs of the Behringer to the Crown XLS 602's Inputs. Do not connect your speakers yet, or if they are disconnect them. Turn the power ON to your Source (CD player etc..) the Behringer and the Crown Power amp, leave the front Channel knobs on the Crown all the way down. On the Behringer wether you are using Inputs 2/3 or 4/5 I would leave the Level for the channels at "0" I would leave the "Main Mix" knob at "0" straight up also. Now turn up your Input source to the Behringer until you just see the Red Clip LED's light up for your L&R Outputs. If your Input source such as a CD player, does not have a volume control and instead has just a fixed output, then adjust the Channel Level knob until you see the Red Clip Led's light up at the L&R LED Meters. Red lights should just Flicker and not be Solid on! Now on the Crown XLS602 Power Amp turn up the front Channel 1 and Channel 2 Gain knobs until you just start to see the RED Clip lights start to flicker. Once the Clip lights start to flicker on the Crown turn the Channel Gain knobs down just a bit until you do not see any RED Clip lights. I would rather set the System so when the Red lights on the Behringer flicker, the Clip lights on the Amp still will not! Now if the Behringer happens to hit Red the Crown will not and you will not Clip the Amp. Your System's "Gain Structure" is now safely set. Some will set up their System more on the edge to tweak every ounce of Power that they can! They set the System Gain Structure so that when the Red Clip LED's light on the Mixer, they are also lighting at the Power amp, then they know if they see Red at the Mixer they know the Clip lights are also lighting up on on the Amp. You then need to be quick on the Levels to pull down what is Clipping the Mixer. I and many others take a more conservative approach that I'd rather be Safer than Sorry. If I see an Occasional Red Clip at my Mixer, then I still know that my Amp is not Clipping and my Speakers are OK. You can set these two whatever way you want, just so you know when the Amp's is Clipping! My Subs are getting 2800 watts each from a CE4000 and at the higher wattage, Clipping can send a lot of heat to my voice coil and cause damage a bit quicker. I also have more headroom and can back off on the Amp's gain a bit more to guarantee no clipping. Clipping is one of a major cause of Speaker failures today. The only better way to set "Gain Structure" would be to use a solid test tone but Source Material is acceptable, many put on a CD and set the Gain. Now just watch the Behringer L&R LED's and from the method that you used to set the Gain Structure you know when the Amp is clipping. I have also seen that some CD's are mixed hotter than others, so when you change the Input Source (different CD) make sure that the Behringer red clip lights do not light up or do so rarely. If your System is plenty loud then leave your Mixer in the Green and then if a hotter Input is used you have some headroom. I also always leave my Main fader or in your case Main Mix Knob at "0" Unity! If you need to turn down the Behringer, use the Channel Level knob or turn down the Source. At this point if your System cannot get loud enough for your taste, then you need a bigger Amp or Speakers because your System is running at or pretty close to it's max. Good luck, Bud 3512[/snapback] Hello again I've tried this, yes it really works and it's a good idea, but as you where saying some songs are more powerfull than others and those may clip your amp. So I should be cearfull.
  13. XLS 602 + JBL JRX 125

    Hello Well I have an EQ beacuse I bought the UB-802 version of the mixer: And even the amp clips sooner if i turn the low to +5dB. So i better stay at 0dB.
  14. XLS 602 + JBL JRX 125

    Thanks for your advice. My source is the PC yet. I`ve tested an mp3 (before you where giving me this adivce) called a test from 20 hz to 20khz. It plays a signal beetween these HZs. And than it can damage the speakers even if the volume is low?? As you where saying neither those HZ the speaker can not support.