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  1. Thank you David, I will certainly look forward to receiving the circuit diagram. I hope to never need it, but electronics being what they are, Murphy's law Etc. Regards, Rod vk3kbr
  2. G'day David, and all. Thanks for nothing..!!!
  3. G'day David, I have sent you the detail to the address given, did you receive it ?? regards, Rod vk3kbr
  4. G'day again blokes, no answers !!. I found the fault today, it was a dry joint in the plug end of the multi-cable, connecting the small signal board to the power amp stage. The joint was not visible to either the naked eye, nor under a magnifying glass, resoldering them all cured the problem. I would still like "someone" to point me in the right direction to purchase the circuit for this machine. An old Ozzie bushie like me doesn't really have much access to "big city things", so an answer would be much appreciated. Rod, vk3kbr
  5. G'day all, I have a Crown MA1201 amplifier. It has started an intermittent fault on Ch1. The sound output varies considerably after using it for a short time (15 mins). I have just opened the case, connected a friends Sig-Gen, and connected a CRO across a dummy load (4 Ohms). Naturally, it will not fault in this condition. I hope that someone may have come across this problem, or if not, might direct me to somewhere to obtain a circuit for this amp. Await your reply, Rod, vk3kbr