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  1. I was wondering... Are the power measurements taken according to EIA or FTC standards available for Crown Amplifiers (precisely i am interested in Xs, Xls and Xti)? If not, why? If yes, where? Thank you.
  2. Xti vs XS

    This is not so simple. I doubt people want to pay more for the Xs just because they don't want the extras, they "prefer" their amplifiers to be made in china, and like to also get a good work-out by hauling amplifiers. I can see the Xs series justifiable, but only at a lower price-point than the Xti. And that is not currently the case.
  3. Xti vs XS

    There is something i might be missing, please help me out. The new Xti series is: -Lighter than the XS -Integrated DSP -Better damping factor -Priced lower (for models with similar output) -Accepts any input voltage. -Made in the USA There are two scenarios i think are possible: The new Xti are not only replacing the CE series, they are also replacing the XS. or The XS have better sound or Third scenario i haven't yet figured out. Please help me with advice, as i am trying to decide between the Xti and the XS, and the only factor i want to take into account is sound quality, but because the Xti is so new i won't get a chance to hear them before making my decision. Sound quality is a priority, because both are light enough for me, i don't need the onboad DSP, and i won't be touring worldwide with them. I would like the opinion of Crown and the opinion of anybody who has been USING them (on paper they apparently both sound good). Thank you, Ionut Stoica