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  1. Oh I see. The XLS 602 does not have a switch to parallel the inputs, is this a problem? It also does not have 1/4 jack inputs, only XLR. Aren't there XLR cables that are unbalanced? Thanks by the way, this info is all really helpful. I have read several books on sound reinforcement and they have some very valuable information, but they are really skimpy on how to wire things.
  2. The reason I asked about 2 Y-cables is that I thought the schematics would look like this. Y-cable connected to XLR Main Outs Left and Right on mixer - into 1/4 phone jack input on EQ. From output of EQ (1/4 phone jack) to Y-cable connected to inputs of Channel 1 and Channel 2 of amp. Am I wrong here? I do have a mono out, and I would put the Y-cable at the inputs of the amp right? On my mixer, Aux 1 & 2 are normally post-fader, but there is a switch on each channel that allows it to be pre-fader.
  3. Here are some more questions. I've heard different things about stereo vs. mono. I don't want to pan anything to left or right. I read one place though that running your system mono only used half of the amp's capability and that you would lose half the power. Is this true? To expand on the monitor setup you mentioned, I can run 2 monitor mixes off of 1 amp? Meaning that channel 1 of the amp goes to Aux 1 and channel 2 of the amp goes to Aux 2? If I do run the mains in mono, I will use 2 Y-cables right?
  4. Thanks Bud, Okay, here is a list of my equipment (as of yet, I buy new stuff each week) Mixer: Eurodesk SL2442FX-Pro. It is a 24 channel mixer w/ 2 aux sends and 16 mono inputs Compressor: MAINS. Alesis 3630. I'm using it for limiting. For monitors, I don't have a compressor yet as paycheck won't quite allow it, but probably the same. EQ: MAINS: ART 355 dual 31 band, MONITORS, don't have one but I'm thinking probably another ART 355. Amplifier: MAINS Crown XLS 602. MONITORS. Don't have it yet but will be powered by a Crown XLS 402. Mains: JBL JRX125. They are a "quasi-three way system." Monitors: Haven't bought them yet, but I'm thinking about Yamaha BR15Ms, 4 of them running off of one amp. Since they are rated at 8 ohms, I can run 2 off of each channel. I may do 2 separate monitor mixes later, but not right off since I'm a little strapped for cash. Crossovers: None yet, I might bi-amp later on, but not in the near future (next 3 months). Signal processors: I don't have any other than the comp, do you have any ideas for an affordable reverb processor to be used for vocals? The effects on the mixer are not quite up to the quality that I like. Another question: Power conditioner or not? I've heard different things but I'm not sure who is right.
  5. This doesn't pertain to amplifiers as much as it does just sound in general, but for lack of discussion boards on sound reinforcement, (especially for beginners) here is my question. I just bought a ART 355 dual channel 31 band EQ. Here is what I want to know: Can I use one channel of the EQ for the mains and the other for my monitors? Can I still run the system in stereo?
  6. I'm really new to sound systems and all but I recently bought a 602 and I'm connecting it w/ a Behringer mixer and some cheap speakers I intend to replace soon. I'm cranking my amp about 3/4 of the way and the faders on the mixer are well over half way up and I'm not getting the 600 watts per channel. The speakers do not match the wattage of the amp (they are 250 w each) but I'm not even getting distortion or feed back through the speakers when I have it turned up. I'm connecting everything stereo using speakon 2-pole cables. Any ideas?