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  1. How can I control several amps (30 itechs for a vertec rig) at the sane time. I want to have the same level, EQ and delay on multiple amps!!!
  2. when I open SA with 34 Itechs in the network, they don't show up in numerical order!!??? How come?
  3. can I use Iqwic with Itechs with firmware
  4. Hi, I upgraded a IT6000 to firmware and can't control the amp with IQWIC anymore???
  5. You have to check " Enable component controls and scene editing" in the "system setuo" menu!!!
  6. This seems to not work with IQWIC But it did work with an older version...
  7. Is it possible to change settings offline?
  8. Why is that it goes up to +20 when the control panel shows only 0db?