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  1. Calculating decibal increase

    theoretically, it will be 3db increase. thats if its 900 watts shared between them. you will get more power from the amp at 4ohms, so it will be 3db+ increase. when you say "daisy chain", i hope you mean parallel. and remember that theory is different from actual results. depending on way too many variables, you may get more or less than 3db increase.
  2. what kind of speaker? if it has a sub, what kind and how well built is the enclosure?
  3. I purchased a second CE 1000 amp. The two I have are different from each other, one is grey, one is black. They have different internals. What is the difference between these two amps? Each amp is driving a single 18" sub at 4 ohms mono for home theater use, one sub per amp. They each receive the same signal, but will I encounter any problems because of the differences in the amps? Thanks, Tim
  4. Crown K2

    Primer then paint. Lightly sand before and after primer. Aerosols work ok, but it wont give you the durable finish it once had.