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    I service a number of cinemas that have CE-2000'S and they've been having numerous fan troubles. Mainly these troubles lay internally with the fan controller and not with the fans themselves. Since the cinemas involved cannot be without their amplifiers(they operate fine otherwise) and they are located close to 500 miles from our shop I am considering removing the fans and just installing AC powered fans in theor place that will run as long as the racks are powered up. These fans will not be connected internally to the CE-2000's but to the racks electrical circuit. Also I would like to reverse the flow of air through these amps so the air is drawn in from INSIDE the rack and exhausts out the front. Any warm air exhausted into the booth can they be delt with by the projection booths air handler system and other rack gear stays cooler, lasts longer. These amps tend to run somewhat hot and the added hot air blown inside the rack can be detrimental to other processors(DTS, dolby, etc.) in the rack whose fans are not reversable. There is not that much heat generating stuff in the racks other than these power amps and I don't wish to add a rack exhaust fan.... They'd be just an other bunch of fans to keep after in a number of large multiplex's. Thanks! Mark