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  1. if I face the front of a Micro-Tech with the top lid off....is the upper position of a sensitivity switch 1,4V? Thank you much. (can't find this info anywhere)
  2. Thank you very much sir! Karel
  3. I was so happy with all my CE 4000! Now after I tested Micro-tech...unbelievable..I hear stuff on CD's I never heard before! Old amp...but the quality is so much better...I'm shocked.However...PLEASE can somebody advice to me what breakers I need...extra power distro perhaps? I'm gonna use 4x Micro-Tech 2400.Also 2x CE 4000.(Now only for monitors) Thank you very much.(oh...where is the sensitivity switch located inside?) Karel
  4. here I go..CE 2000 trouble

    Thanx!!! Yes...I did already everything to make sure, that it is the amp. I will send it for repair. What is interesting...the input signal light is working, there is no fault light on. Everything seems to be fine "optically". I switched the amp to both channel driven as well...same result. I'm happy I have spare amp! Thank you one more time Bud! Karel 3164[/snapback] Bud! Thanx again for the advice! I had no clue, that I might get service right here in town!!! I would pack it and send it to the factory..oh well..I just spoke over the phone with a guy who will look at the amp tomorrow-the service is just around the corner!!!! That is great! If I'm lucky enough I will have the amp back on Thursday..so I would not have to change anything for this week gigs(three of them) And looks like its gonna by free service(the amp is one year old).FANTASTIC! Karel
  5. here I go..CE 2000 trouble

    Thanx!!! Yes...I did already everything to make sure, that it is the amp. I will send it for repair. What is interesting...the input signal light is working, there is no fault light on. Everything seems to be fine "optically". I switched the amp to both channel driven as well...same result. I'm happy I have spare amp! Thank you one more time Bud! Karel
  6. Just a few days ago I was said here, that none of my Crowns never let me down..well..here I go. I noticed last weekend that one sub (JBL Mpro 255S) is not working right. Sound was weak and "weird".I use one CE 2000 bridged for each sub. I just tested both amps the same way at home. Well the one with weird sound did not work at all. There was only not too loud buzz in a speaker. When I turn off and back on the amp, there was sound in the speaker (I used CD for the test) but no matter if the knob on the amp was all the way up, or down-the amp was putting out the same level of power...but very weak sound,distorted. I got the amp a year ago-new. I still have the orig box. Should I send it for repair? Looks like a serious trouble to me . If anybody is familiar with these "symptoms" please let me know. I would appreciate it very much. The number on the label is CE 2000-C409961. What is the best way to get fast service? There was a guy on musiciansfriends.com complaining, that he sent his Crown 3 weeks ago for service and nobody touch that amp yet. I found hard to believe that. Last question for CE 4000 owners. I would have to use now CE 4000 for two pairs of JBL Mpro 225.Speakers rated 500w and 2000W peak. They are 4 ohms. How the amp would "feel" to run 2 of these cabinets on each side parallel? It would be load 1000W in 2ohms each side for the amp. I really don't want to damage another amp! Thank you for reading this! Karel
  7. Crown CE 4000

    Hi Karel, I have a CE4000 and I just went to turn it on, though I was sure that the fan always came on. At power on the fan comes on strong and then slows down, but does stay on at a Low setting. The red lights blink about a dozen times as well and then go out and that is when I turn up the knobs. During usage the fan is proportional as to the heat value, meaning it will speed up and slow down. My CE4000 is set to Bridged mode, but I believe it does the same thing in per channel as well. I hope that this helps. Are you having any troubles with the amp? Bud 3126[/snapback] Bud! THANK YOU! Now I feel better! No sir..no problem at all..I think, that the CE 4000 is very good one...I have some CE 2000 and Ce 1000 as well..I just love them all.They never let me down. For a very small potato sound guy like me these amps are probably too good! Take care! Karel
  8. Crown CE 4000

    Hi! I just got used CE 4000. When turn the amp on the fan is working right away, the same second. No fault light on... except that seems like the amp is working fine. Does somebody know, what is wrong? Or is that normal for CE 4000? I'm afraid to put the amp to the rack and use it...don't want damage it. Thank you very much for any advice!!! Karel
  9. Hi! I have two CE 1000...same thing. Looks like they work the same, but one goes to clipping a little bit sooner. No big deal..its very little bit. but I'm curious too, I got both within a couple monts new from a store. Also i got some CE 2000 they look the same,they work the same and they go to clipping together at the same time, when I test them. Karel
  10. Crown-crossover-JBL

    For the 255S Sub the simple answer is NO! In any configuration, the Low pass filter would not be a problem. For the 225 I'd leave the internal Crossover in, unless you are going to Bi-Amp this cab. I would check with JBL on Bi-Amping these cabs and / or disconnecting the Internal crossover in the 225 cabs, you would hate to void a Warranty and if no warranty exists you will still be re-wiring the cab. To Bi-Amp the 225 you would be using a Crossover and one amp for the two 15" drivers and another Amp for the Horn. The external Crossover would be taking the place of the Internal crossover that you disconnected. Then use a seperate amp for the 255S Sub, this is a full Tri-Amped System, ie. 3 amps. You would need a 3 way Crossover. Though if you are using JBL speakers and Crown amps you should use a DBX DriveRack for a Crossover and Processing your System. You could also save to a preset each place that you play, so when you go back there you just pull up the preset and you are good to go. You should at least be using two amps and a Crossover with these cabs for best performance! Let me know your setup and what you are looking to do with these cabs. Later, Bud 2999[/snapback] Thanx! That is exactly what I think...about the DriveRack. Well I have 4x Mpro 225, 2X their Subs MproS using , 2 CE 1000..these are bridged for subs. 2 CE 2000 , then some more amps (no Crown..but the same rating like CE 2000) I'm changing the setup here and there...to find the best way...at the present time I have CE 1000 bridged for a sub, CE 2000 bridged for Mpro 225. Monitors JRX 112 JBL running with 2x CE's 1000 or other brand amps. I know, that you will tell me,that I should use CE 2000 for subs! Like I said the system is working very nice...Crown and JBL..I was always a big fan for them. I was just wondering if somebody did biamping on this configuration in order to get more power, which I believe is lost in the passive crossover.( or is it a big lost?) I did forget the warranty deal! Thank you! This is fantastic website...enormous help for green soundmans like me! I appreciate your help sir! Karel
  11. Hi! I'm using CROWN apms and JBL speakers with built it passive crossovers. The speakers are JBL MPro 225..and subs MPro 225S. So the chain is mix-active dbx crossover- CROWN power-speakers with passive crossovers.There is no option for bi-amp(in these speakers). Should I disconnect the passive crossover in speakers/subs? How much power am I loosing in this audio chain?(Am I loosing more then just a part of power?) Nobody was able to advise me yet-if somebody knows the answer, please let me know! The system works nice-no problems, but that might be just my subjective opinion! Thank you very much!