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  1. k2 fuse replacement

    Can anyone confirm if part # A10285-28 FUSE, 20A 3AB LITLFUSE #314020 from crown.parts-price-list.xls is correct? Thanks, -Jeff
  2. k2 fuse replacement

    Thanks for the response. I did see that, but I see there are a few types of 20A fuses. Most of them seem to be rated for 250v, not 120v, so I was not sure if that would allow too much current to pass through, and not provide proper protection for my amp. In the catalog @ http://www.littelfuse.com, there are 'slo-blo' and 'fast-acting' types, glass and ceramic, 3AG and 3AB series, so the amp rating alone was not enough for me to go by. Thanks again, -Jeff
  3. Hello, What is the proper fuse to use for a K2 run on 110v power? Thanks, -Jeff