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  1. xti series features

    Howdy EarWax, Not to hijack your post but below is a Post that I started at PSW about the new XTi amps. Maybe David will respond with Information as to exactly what is under the hood and what topology the XTi amps use. We / I would also like to know the official standing of the CE Series of amps. To help you with your question. Here is the info on the DSP: EQ: 4-band paragraphic (not Parametric EQ as wth the DRPA) per channel, boost/cut ±12 dB. Also adjustable high and low shelving filters. Filters: Highpass and lowpass per channel. Butterworth (only) 6/12/18/24 dB per octave. High and low shelving filters, one per channel. Delay: For signal alignment of driver; 5 mS total delay. Subharmonic Synthesizer: Adds low-frequency content. Output Limiter: Prevents clipping. Presets: 10 user speaker presets. EarWax, check out this link, you can also download the Manual. XTi Specifications Later, Bud Link here:PSW Forum and XTi Power Amps 2971[/snapback] thanks for the reply. i dont think those settings are quite gonna cut it. may still get one but it looks like a drpa is in order...
  2. i am very interested in buying a couple of xti amps to power my small setup. according to the info i can find on the website it has features such as eq, delay, crossover and such. i would like to just get these instead of an additional driverack pa. how extensive is the eq...how many bands, etc? how adjustable is the delay? will i be able to get away without a driverack pa? thanks.