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  1. XS900 "v" CE4000?

    Hi Bud, My main concern at the moment is that my XLS602 that I use on my Tops are clipping too often. I do need to get the XS900. Thanks for all your advise, it has been great. I'll let you know when I get the pair of XS900's and tell you what I think. In the mean time I need to understand alot more about the DriveRack (I might go back to using a seperate EQ and Crossover..) Best Regards,
  2. XS900 "v" CE4000?

    Hi Bud, I think I now know where I'm going wrong!! I was thinking that if you have a speaker that is rated at 300W Continuous Power into 8ohms you can power this with 600W's into 8ohms. This I know is right.. Where I was going wrong was that I was taking 2 speakers at 300W RMS and multiplying by 2 which gives 600 + 600 (1200W) for the power and then at 4ohms I was multiplying again by 2 which gave me 1200 x 2 (2400W). I know now (Thanking you!!) that 2 x 300W speakers at 8ohms = 2 speakers in Parallel at 4ohms is still only 600W..which I can power with 1200W not 2400W... I hope I'm right!! Can you tell me your set-up? What speakers you use and how the connect them up? I thought I had to cross-over my speakers at 150Hz (Recomended by Manufacture) I could hear vocals coming through the subs and always thought this was a bit strange.. I'm still only getting used to the drive rack. There is alot to learn with the unit.. Regards, Paul.
  3. XS900 "v" CE4000?

    Hi Bud, Thanks for the expert advice, I use the set-up for a Band playing Heavy Rock. I think I will go with the 2 x XS900 power amps all in stereo, sounds the best way to go. At the moment I borrow a drive rack to use as a crossover. Trying to get the money together to buy my own.. Can I ask you 1 more question.. With the 2 subs(mono) in parallel getting 2500W from 1 XS900 amp in 4ohms and running 2 subs (stereo) getting 600W from 1 XS900 amp in 8ohms, Which would be louder? Or would both be the same? Regards, Paul.
  4. XS900 "v" CE4000?

    Hi Bud, Thanks for the reply, I just want to clarify my set-up. I have 2 x HK Audio PR115 sub. Each sub is rated at 300W into 8ohms (Continuous Power). I also have 2 x HK Audio PR112 tops again each top is rated at 300W into 8ohms (Continuous Power). I have seen from previous posts I can power these using 2 power amps (1 for subs & 1 for tops) with 600W into 8ohms. This allows 3 dB of headroom for peaks in the audio signal. I like the idea of using the subs in Mono. Makes alot of sense. This is the set-up I could use. With my subs in Parallel I could use; 1 x XS900 at 4ohms Bridged giving 2500W. With my tops in Stereo I could use; 1 x XS900 at 8ohms Stereo giving 600W each side. This sounds good but would the 2500W be too much if I am only sending 600W a side to the tops? It would have to sound better than my current power amp set-up of; 1 x XLS602 running stereo into the subs giving 370W into 8ohms 1 x XLS602 running stereo into the tops giving 370W into 8ohms What do you think? Regards, Paul.
  5. XS900 "v" CE4000?

    Thanks for the reply Bud, The amp would be driving 2 subs rated at 600W into 8ohms. Do you find a difference in sound from the XS900 to the CE4000? Do you also think it is better to run subs in Mono and Tops in Stereo? The music we play is mainly Heavy Rock covers. (Judas Priest, AlterBridge, Thin Lizzy etc,) Regards, Paul.
  6. Hi, I need an amp that will deliver 600W dual into 8ohms. Both the XS900 and the CE4000 will do this. I can get the XS900 for €1,039 and the CE4000 for €2,069. If they both deliver the same power at 8ohms, why would someone spend approx €1,000 more on the CE4000? Regards, Paul.
  7. Daisy Chain XLS602's?

    Hi Bud, Again thanks so much for your advice... You have explained things very clearly.. I know who to talk to when I need more info!!! Best Regards, Paul.
  8. Daisy Chain XLS602's?

    In my Scenario I plug a Input XLR cable from my DriveRack into Channel 1 on the XS900 then I run a very short XLR cable from the second out / through XLR on Channel 1 of the XS900 and go to Channel 1 on my CE4000. This way I am Daisy chaining the two amps. Otherwise I would need to run 2 XLR cables from my DriveRack to each Amp. Get it? That's daisy chaining amps. If there were only one Input per channel as on the XLS's then you could use a Y XLR cable and do the same thing. I hope this helps you out. Good Luck, Bud 2980[/snapback] Hi Bud, You are a wealth of Knowledge!!! Thank you.. The link below is reference to the 2 extra XLR connections on my XLS602 (Page10) Could you explain your Scenario a bit more? What way do you run to your speakers? It sounds like you run Stereo out of your XS900 and also Stereo out of your CE4000?. But, you say you run the signal from your Drive rack into the XS900 and out from that into the CE4000? Where does the signal get split for the different power amps and speakers? If you send the signal from your Drive rack into the XS900 and then into the CE4000, the signal going into your XS900 is then sent into the CE4000. - Have I got this wrong? Regards, Paul.
  9. Daisy Chain XLS602's?

    Bud, Thanks very much for your advice, you have given me plenty of options. I have just a few more questions you might be able to help me with.. If I use my 2 bins in Parallel this would give me a 4ohm load..Am I correct? The website gives a figure of 1200W into 8ohms Bridged..?What would the power be at 4ohms Bridged..? And lastly, on the back of my XLS602's there are 2 Male XLR Signal Links.. The manual said they are used for "daisy-chaining to other amplifiers".. Can you explain how and why these would be used.. Again many thanks for your help. Paul.
  10. Daisy Chain XLS602's?

    Hi Guy's, Thanks for the reply's. I'll give you my set-up. I am running my 2 XLS602's in stereo which gives me 370W into 8ohms dual. I'm using 2 x 15 HK Audio Bins (300W RMS - 600W Program each - Each bin is 8ohms) & 2 x 12 HK Audio Tops (300W RMS - 600W Program each - Each top is 8ohms). After doing some research on the this forum and the net it looks like I am not using enough power for the speakers? Maybe running 2 x CE4000 amps (600W into 8ohms dual) would be a better choice? Many thanks for your advice. Paul.
  11. Hi, This is my first time to post so go easy on me.. I have 2 XLS602's (The 3u high ones). They are rated at 370W into 8ohms. If I daisy chain both amps will this give me 740W into 8ohms? If yes, how do I connent them? Do I run the inputs into the first amp - then daisy chain into the second amp - and use the outputs from the second amp? Mant thanks, Paul.