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  1. New question on the same topic. In the second room, I have an old Accoustimass set (4 cube speakers and a subwoofer). I had it hooked up to an old receiver which I have replaced with a Crown D150A to power the second room. I hired someone to hook up the old set up- main stereo line out to receiver in second room powering the Accoustimass set. He hooked up two cubes to the left output and two to the right. The guy at Bose tech support tells me that this set up lowered the impedence and probably burned out the old receiver. Here are my questions: 1. Can a Crown D150A handle that same set up without burning out? 2. Is there a better way to set these speakers up? 3. Would it help to connect an impedence matching speaker selector? Please spare me the jibes about needing better speakers. I can only afford one upgrade at a time and don't need reminding that the speakers I had in college are less than ideal. Jeff
  2. jeenie67 cable connect tips

    Jesus, that sounds complicated. A dilettante like me has no business trying that. I may hire you to make a set of cables for me, but I doubt I could do it myself. Jeff
  3. Thanks for the advice. I bought adapters from Radio Shack last night (mono to mono "accepts phono plug - fits 1/4" mono phone jack") and tried to plug the RCA (is that different from "phono plug"?) cable into the back of the crown amp. I then plugged in the outdoor speakers only (Polk Atrium 45s) on the assumption that I had too many variables. No better. First, am I using the wrong adapter? Should I try to find a cable that has an RCA plug on one end and a plug that fits the crown amp on the other? Second, this set up worked fine when I had the old receiver powering the speakers instead of the new(well, new to me) amp. Could there be a problem with the amp itself? How could I check this? Jeff 2951[/snapback] Hello, see my post of March 26. Run direct output to input. Make up a temporary patch cable (dollar store interconnects or old cheap radio shack). You have a signal source, the Bose....the headphone jack if it has one can be utilized. Forget the Niles for now....simplify! Obtain a clean signal first, then check output specs to input requirements. When satisfied, insert any component (one by one) into the circuit (eg. the niles). I'm pretty experienced at connecting oddball stuff together that doesn't electronically match, but now I'm cleaning up my act as the components I use are getting more serious (eg. the Crown, gately EQ, REAL speakers etc.) Eugene @ jeenie67 2957[/snapback]
  4. HELP ME! I have a Bose Lifestyle DVD stereo in my living room for TV and DVD viewing. In a second room, where I listen to music, I had a second set of speakers running on the zone 2 of the Bose system. Because the second speakers were unpowered, I used an old receiver to provide power to them. I decided to upgrade and bought a Crown D150A amp to power zone 2 and a set of outdoor speakers. I also bought a Niles HPS4 speaker selector to allow me to switch the indoor and outdoor speakers independently. I tried hooking up the Crown amp and all I get is feedback. Here is what I did: I bought an adaptor to allow me to plug the RCA cable to the back of the amp. I connected the outputs from the amp to the amp in connection on the back of the selector and connected the outdoor speakers to the selector to test it. Nothing but feedback. Reversed the input wires. Nothing but feedback. The Crown powers up but I can't get a signal to the speakers. Need a little help here. Anybody?