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  1. Can I believe whats just happened. All fixed now, was having a dumb day that day.
  2. Xti 2000

    thank you guys...
  3. Xti 2000

    I plugged my xti 2000 in the other day and it went pop and now the amp has no power at all. There was no speakers connected and no audio feed connected to it either. I've tried another powerlead and the amp is totaly dead. I plugged it in, turned it on and got brief power (about a second) then pop it went. I bought it on the 6/11/08 and it's serial code is 8001390952. I live in the Uk and still have packaging for this (may be a xti1000 box), what are my options??? Thank you
  4. That way sounds right. Plus you have the added bonus of if 1 amp goes down you only lose 1 side rather than all bass or all mid tops. Not that you should have a problem. I don't do that in my set up but I would if amps and speakers where more matching. I use dedicated amps for sub etc.
  5. forget what I said then. I asked a few questions of my own but I grasp the idea now, I think. its very clever.
  6. Isn't the 600w the rms value not the program rating. I always lik to say I'm still learning and often wrong but I would say the xti1000 isnt enough power for your subs. Your using turbosound, these can handle some serious ampage. Your looking at 600w/sub 8 ohms thats 1200w/amp 4 ohms. the 200w more from the xti (1400w @ 4 ohms bridged) wont allow much for peaks. Your going to drive this amp hard and been at 4 ohms bridged is the same as 2 ohms normal. Not recomended for extreme conditions. Should you have loads of head room it would be fine. Although it will work you wont get the best from your system. You will take the 1000's into clipping to achieve the bass you require. A general simple rule is to double the power. Other ppl may post the maths. Have you read about the new idea of getting 15% more power from your amps. Intresting. because your using 4 subs the idea would work for you.
  7. how much power does the xti series limiter sacrifice?

    Another question. Would not having the limiter turned on to say -3db be like dissabling the clip limiters on a normal amp??? What setting would make it more like the old skool amps with out dsp??? I'm running mine with out the limiters on.
  8. As a basic reply, the 4 ohms is the resistance of the speaker, meaning an 8 ohm speaker has more resistance. The amp doesnt recognise it as such, as been either. It's just the current passes through easier as it has less resistance. You will most likely get a more technical reply. Just gave you that incase not. I would take a gues at around 500w. There is more to consider when testing for power out put. Amplifiers can deliever more/less power for different frequencies. also the larger the range of frequencies the less power. That might be balls. the resistance of speakers does change aswell, I'm still learning about that too. That depends on what your feeding it with. It means what input level you need for the amp to reach its maximum gain. Most amplifiers come with fixed input sens now. 1.4v will be the standard setting. If you have something with a realy low output you select the lower setting. I could be wrong on things so double check.
  9. xti2000 problem

    for the sake of a ribon cable fault your getting a lot for your money.
  10. Ho do power ratings of amplifiers work ?

    to complicate it even more you could wire a few speakers in series instead, this would bring the ohmage back up. 2x 4 ohms 400w cabs in series (8 ohms) in parallel with 2x 4 ohms 400w cabs (8 ohms) brings the it back to 4 ohms. that would be 4 400w cabs ran off a 1600w @ 4 ohms, 800w @ 8 ohms amp or is it? (no headroom, I know). my confusion has always been when connecting 8 ohms and 4 ohm speakers on the same channel or having 2 8 ohms in parallel with 1 4 ohm in series. could you then use 200w and 400w speakers on the same side? would the power from the amp divide out right? it all reminds me off connecting up lil lamps on them boards at school.
  11. How did this ever work?

    intresting, cant wait on the reply.
  12. large system install

    I don't mean to sound rude but if you don't have an idea shouldn't you let someone who does do it, like a proffesional. thats a big system there. there is a lot of 1u rack mixers out there, you can just plug all your audio sources into that, I pod, xm, tv etc (they are all line level inputs). then wire the output into the brain (driverack/crossover) what runs the full system. are you installing the full system or just wanting to connect those audio sources to a system that already exists? if your installing a full system i recomend a drive rack. be prepared for some serious learning though.
  13. Xti-4000 Start up Failure

    wouldnt expect a crown to ever have that fault. I've owned some dodge amps in my life. if you've upgraded the firmware that could be the fix you were looking for. I watch all the xti related threads so if mine ever get a problem I have an idea what might be wrong with it. so let us know if it keeps running.
  14. Xti-4000 Start up Failure

    if an amp has developed a fault, i always thought it better not to keep turning it on and off. trying to get it to work with out actualy fixing it could do more damage to other parts inside. it wont miraculesly fix itself. I learned this by having amps physicly blow up in my faces just by resetting the trip switch over and over, trying to get it to stay on. like everyone has said, send it back. its shutting itself down for a reason.