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  1. Ok check this out. My amp is: 3200w at 4ohm/bridged Speakers: 2 at 400w rms, 8ohm each Now if I parallel them that gives me a range of 1280w-2000w at 4ohm using the 1.6 to 2.5 rule. Now bridging them to my amp at 3200w would give each speaker 1600w The speakers are 500w max each so at the 2 to 4 rule thats 1000w-2000w Now the 1600w to each speaker looks like too much compared to the 400w rms and 500w peak, but considering the need for headroom and these rules, assuming I've applied them correctly, this looks to be just about right. PLEASE let me know if this is right I have learned a great deal hear. THANKS to everybody
  2. ok hears what I'm working with: 4, 8ohm 400w rms speakers. My amp is rated at: 700w+700w 8ohm/stereo 950w+950w 4ohm/stereo 1600w+1600w 2ohm/stereo 1900w 8ohm/bridged 3200w 4ohm/bridged. Now if I hook these up 2 in parallel on each side I should have an amp that is 1280w-2000w at 4ohm. Is this right? Is it possible to hook two of these up in series on each side=16ohms by 16ohms. Then paralleling them so its back to 8ohms. Then hooking all that to my amp bridged for 1900w? ! PLEASE ! Help me find the best way to hook up my speakers Is this amp even sufficiant for 4 of these speakers? It should be ok for two of them right?
  3. I want to power 2 cerwin vega clsc 215 speakers rated at 400w rms each. I plan on adding 2 more in the future. What amp would be good? I have no preamp as of yet and was wondering about connecting the preamp to the amp. Does the pre amp have to have the same XLR , 1/4" TRS outputs as the inputs on the amp or can I go RCA to XLR? What does this do to the sound, performance? And what about balanced and unbalanced inputs on the amp, does the preamp have to match? If you could suggest a good preamp reasonably priced w/remote. Previously had an adcom amp powering 2 cerwin vega clsc e12 with a yamaha preamp and the adcom would over heat after extended use and shut down. I probable had insufficiant speaker wires. This is for home use, I love my music loud and hate it when an amp shuts down. I want fans for cooling. CROWN looks appealing to me POWER, QUALITY, DEPENDABLE. I am an electronics nubby so keep it simple, any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.