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  1. 402a clipping mids & 602b doing same

    I finally got back to playing with the Bose 901s w/XLS-602 combo and tried several different PC sound cards. I found an old Philips sound card that virtually eliminated the clipping...and the audio quality is VERY respectable. Don't know why this worked but it did. One very weird thing I found when I was experimenting is that I could plug my iPod into this contraption and it sounded great and did not clip AT ALL. Go figure. Anyway, thanks for everyone's help and comments.
  2. 402a clipping mids & 602b doing same

    Hi Russ, agree with the "crap" comment, but since I had all the components handy, I figured "why not use them". Definitely wouldn't have picked Bose on purpose. Anyway, I did a quick experiment and took the Bose equalizer out of the loop and the amp did not clip. It sounded horrible, but it confirms that the equalizer is the issue. Just going to live with it until I get a chance to swap out the speakers.
  3. 402a clipping mids & 602b doing same

    I cannot claim to understand much of the technical details mentioned in this post, but I appreciate the information. I am running a similar configuration as well (Bose 901s w/XLS-602) and I too noticed the clip LEDs illuminating in what appeared to be strange circumstances. If this is an unavoidable situation with this setup, what is the acceptable limit for allowing the amp to clip? I realize no clipping is ideal, but can the LED flicker occaionally without doing harm to any component? The rate of flicker seems to be less than once or twice per second. Will this do harm over time? Will it shorten the life of the amp? I got the 901s for free so I'm going to use them in this configuration regardless of this situtation, so I'm just trying to find out how hard I can push this system without doing real damage. BTW, I'm running this off of a personal computer with the PC hooked to the Bose equalizer, with a Rolls Promatch MB15 between the equalizer and the amp. Thanks.