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  1. CE2000 Channel 1 is very Low :^(

    I was also wondering if I can order a schematic and service manual for the CE2000? Perhaps a pdf can be emailed to dtepe......at.........1st dot net Thanks Denny
  2. CE2000 Channel 1 is very Low :^(

    Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to learn that my assumptions were incorrect with regard to the channel layout I did swap the speaker cables as well as the input cables. They also tested fine using a multi-meter. I'll try the Y input test to see what I learn. But I'm pretty sure something is wrong with the amp. It was working properly at the start of rehearsal, and then just stopped. I'll probally take it the the music store today for some more testing and then I guess its off to the shop. One additional question, I know that in general an amp should never have a signal sent in without a sufficient load to the outputs. It is possible that while I was away, this might have happened. I always unpulg the one speaker only to get it out of the middle of the floor. The other speaker always remains plugged in. Would this possible be a cause?? Thanks Denny
  3. Hi, First off. I love my amp. Crown rocks Here's the deal. IThis amp is about 4 years old and in that time has performed flawlessly. Tonight at rehersal, I noticed that the channel 1 sound level was very low compared to channel 2. Noticed the fan was not running, but I understand that this will only kick on if necessary. The amp was a little dusty, but never mistreated. I did some swapping of cables to find that the channel 1 seems to be faulty. I then removed the amp cover and did a quick examination to see if there were any obvious "fried" components. Looking at the amp down from the front, I noticed that there were what appears to be 4 dabs of silicon on top of four components. I assume that the right side of the circuit board is for channel 1 and the left for channel two. So here's my main question. The two dabs of silicon on the left (channel 2?) look good. The two one the right (channel 1) look very strange. The don't look silicon anymore. They look more like foam insulation. I believe what happened is that the fan failed and the two channel 1 components overheated the silicon rendering it into a foam. So what are these components? Sorry for the long post :^| Thanks, Denny