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  1. CM-311A

    Thanks for the 'size'info on the EQM-311. I can't figure out why you would use a TA3 connector and the EQM-311 in series with the CM 311A electronic belt pack. The Cm 311a electronic beltpack has a XLR output & I know Audio Technica sells an adaptor cable -XLR to Audio Technica TX input. I assumed the audio output of the beltpack was eq'ed - & you could just plug it into any TX-no EQM -311 would be required. Is it possible to purchase a EQM-311 terminated with a HRS-4 Hirose connector for a Audio Technica TX? Since the Switchcraft TA3 connector is a 'in-line' only (male/female) -and is not available as a chassis mount type, could you suggest any supplier that would handle the Hirose HRS-4 'in line' and 'chassis mount' type connector that will enable me to bypass the CM-311 belt pack and connect to a EQM-311. I'm also wondering why Crown does not sell the 'bare bones' CM 311 headset-terminated in a connector. Then the Connector could connect to -a CM311A electronic beltpack-or a EQM-311 module terminated in various connectors for different wireless Tx's. I simply don't think you should have to purchase a complete new Crown headset to go from 'wired' to 'wireless'.
  2. What does the EQM-311 module look like? -in other words-what is the actual size of this unit & will it fit inside certain connectors-such as a hirosa HRS-4. or when you order a CM311-AE (for a audio technica TX), is the EQM-311 module in a plastic container in line with the hirosa connector? Im wondering if its possible to remove the Heyco PG7 feed through connector on the CM-311A belt pack, replace it with a 3 pin connector (male/female ends)that is physically similar to the heyco (prehaps a Hirosa would work). Then if I wanted to use the CM-311A with the belt pack & 'go wired', I could do so. If I then wanted to 'go wireless', I could disconnect the mike (with the hirosa connector -for example) from the beltpack, connect the mike to a in line EQM-311-then to a Hirosa connector and into a audio technica TX. Would this idea work? Thanks!