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  1. So i'm very new at this and have been trying to learn all I can and I think I have this right, or at least in the ballpark but I thought i would consult the experts. Maybe I should have done this before I bought the amp but, better late than never. Plus if I blow my speakers up I will never hear the end of it from my band members. I have 2 older model sp-5g peavey speakers rated at 250 Rms, 500 Program and 1000 peak, at 8 ohms each. I just bought the CE2000 power amp, which from what i read should be about what I want (can afford at the moment) at 400 watts per channel at 8ohms. However I have been reading some conflicting things about how much power I should be running. We play rock music and the system will be used for vocals only. The other thing is that I have not yet purchased any type of equalization system, because i am now broke. Anyway, does this system look like it will work out alright? And are there any things i should look out for? Thanks Andy