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  1. sensitivity

    I had to double check I was installing the 5000vz into the rack.....making sure that all the switchs were in the right depends on Mixer output but I have a Q. If the mixer input is goin into the LMS lets say DC One, and from there the output to the amps...should the input sensitivy be set to 0.77v or 1.4v
  2. Where the cheapest place to buy these imacro techs in the US ?
  3. Just tested the Macro i Series 5000 and 9000..comparing to the 3600 and 5000Vz models. I would have to say the 9000 i series has the sound of the 5000vz and 5000i series has the sound of the 3600vz. It has not got the grunty muscle sound as the Vz amps tho !
  4. Some of our racks.....
  5. UK Spares Distributor

    Do Fusion in uk still carry out all Crown amp servicing ??
  6. MA VZ Amps

    HI im new to this forum, and i have MA 3600vz, 5000vz and 5002vz amps, are ther any upgrades on the amps, i mean internally, and how is the nest setup for the 5002vz amp to run on bass speaker, it has lots of featurres, i opened it up and found a list of options for different setups on bass, 50Hz or 60Hz etc. can any assidt plz, i have all model in 240VAC 5oHz as i am in uk. Thanks