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  1. I'm just starting out buying my own equipment here for a gigging band and needed some advice. Right now I have 4 Peavy Black Widow 18" subs running 700 watts program at 8 ohms and then 2 EV T221s that run 1,600 watts peak, 400 watts continuous LF at 8 ohms and 60 watts continuous HF at 8 ohms. I would like to buy amps that could run these now and then function to power speakers that I would upgrade to in the future. The speakers that I'm looking at upgrading to are EV MTL-1Xs running 1200 watts continuous, 2000 program and 4800 max at 4 ohms and EV QRx 153/75s that run 400 continuous - 1600 watts max LF at 8 ohms and 150 continuous - 600 watts max HF at 12 ohms. So I'm looking for a HF amp, a LF amp, and an amp for my subs. I was trying to decide between the new XTi series and the I-Techs, but if you have other suggestions I would be open to them as well. How does this sound: a XTi 4000 for the HF, an I-Tech 4000 for the LF, and I-Tech 6000s for the subs? Thanks for any advice you can give me.