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  1. lengthen K1 standby delay

    Found a 470k ohm resistor at Radio S.... pulled the 82k out ...put in the 470k, now have 32 seconds of delayed standby!! Very cool. Thanks again for the info! (didn't know I had to get in through the bottom cover...!! freakin' idiot!!!)
  2. lengthen K1 standby delay

    Wow, very cool. I'll have a look, this is MOST helpful!!!!!! I can see this is important feature, just glad it can be lengthen a bit for Studio Use. Thanks David!!!!!
  3. Hello, Sorry if this is a repeat question...New to this forum...did a search but couldn't find the info... I just received a K1 amp from ebay. Working, sounding great in my studio....but the standby delay comes on quick...maybe after 4 or 5 seconds of no or low signal. Can I lengthen this delay, or better yet...remove the standby function? Thanks a bunch!!!