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  1. IQ USP2 adapter install

    Yes, it is, and I have a paper copy. Both are not applicable here. Please re-read my post. Ed Walters The Group, LLC
  2. I am installing an IQ USP2 adapter in an OLD CT200, with the 16 pin and 5 conductor cables soldered on the board. How do I install this? I am well-qualified to solder it all in, but need pinout/layout info.... Thanks, Ed Walters The Group, LLC
  3. problem with IQ-DSP card

    OK, so If I could figure out how to delete the above post, I would. After re-reading the manual and looking all over the unit for a cracked solder joint or some other mechanical flaw, I noticed that the thing had resistor sips plugged into it, even though it is a pip, not pip2 unit, in its original (serial numbers match) box, also labeled pip, not pip2 on the work order sticker. Since it was supposed to be a pip unit I never checked for this issue. Removing the sips, reverting it to pip operation, and it seems to work fine. I guess that leads to two nuggets of advice: RTFM! and never ASSume anything is as it seems.......... Ed
  4. I have an older IQ-DSP card I purchased used. It was sold as good, but turns out not to be.... The Channel 2 odep on the amp is off. IQ on the PC reports the amp at 100% thermal on channel 2 and about 80% on channel one. Channel 2 passes no audio, just some digital sounding noise. Channel one works, but of course the thermal limt and error reporting are useless. Other functions on channel one all appear to be fine. I can't tell on channel two as there's no output... Amps this was tested in were a ComTech 200 and a Macro Tech 600 and a Macro Tech 2400; all behaved the same. Is there any reset procedure or calibration I can do before sending it in for service? What kind of cost is there for service on such a unit - or should I just junk it due to cost.... Thanks, Ed Walters The Group LLC
  5. I have been in a fair amount of contact with BlackBox, and still can't get this thing to work. Using a null modem cable the software sends one message, gets no responses, and the result is a loop with no components. Using a proper cable the port is essentially skipped. The folks at BlackBox will sell me one of the old style boxes for $75 on a custom, 3-week turnaround basis. I need to re-eq an IQ-based theatre in about 10 days. They seem to think something else is wrong. They also state that without a working/known-good current loop system, there is no way to test the converter. I can't help but wonder if the converter is bad. I may have to zap the crap out of it and return it under their no-fault warranty..... Once again, has ANYBODY out there gotten a CL1090AF to work on any IQ system???? Ed
  6. UPDATE/CORRECTION: I mistakenly stated that I was getting the checking for this/that when doing a roll call -- in reality, when the software tries com 1 (where the converter is), it just goes on to com 2. No error or anything, it just goes on. Com 2 generates an error message (there is no com 2 in my laptop). Com 3 gets the checking this/that dialog from the roll call, it finds nothing, as com 3 is the computer's internal modem! So, where I am at, is that the software seems (best guess here) to see some "thing" on com 1 but obviously it doesn't see it as an IQ loop. I am waiting on a reply from black box; I need to test the unit by iteslf to see if it is defective, anybody here able to tell me how to make it talk to itself for testing purposes? Thanks, Ed
  7. The 1090A replaced the previously-recommended converter, which is no longer produced. I recall reading on this forum that this was the case, so I bought one. I cannot get the thing to work! I get the checking for this/that when I do a roll call, but no devices are found. In one of the systems I am dealing with (and only one) there's an 810, which I can directly connect to via rs232 and it all works, so the software/com port is not an issue. I AM remembering to check the use converter box in setup_communications. I have wired the converter as active transmit and passive receive (also tried all passive). Anyone know how to make this work? Thanks. Ed