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  1. I purchased a xTi4000 and was curious to see if I should run it bridged to the two 1015's? I think that would give more than ample power to each main? Running it in stereo would probably be enough but I'm sure that the 1015's would soak up the generous wattage. The xTi4000 will probably run the subs when I run a full setup with the QSC2450 being dedicated to the mains. That will put 4000 to the subs and 2400 to the mains. I guess the subs may blow in this case since they are black widow 118s
  2. I am currently running 2 Impulse 1015 that are each being driven full range by CE2000 400Watt at 8 ohms. I am using a crossover for some shows to pull out the bass and send it to 2 SP 118 that are pretty old school but have new baskets within 4 years. I am driving the subs with a QSC 2450 that is bridged and the 1015s stereo from the CE2000. I feel like I am getting good performance from the 1015s but I was looking for input on a better amp for these. or a better way to drive them. The answer I would expect is the Peavey 1600 that has the bi-amp capability. I have 3 CE 2000s and the QSC 2450 right now and I need to power my monitors with that as well. I use two chains at 4 ohms a piece but I could go lower than that since I am running a CE2000 in stereo right now for each Monitor mix. I do need portability so the number of amps and weight is a concern. Getting the most out of just the two 1015s is my priority. I'm not really crazy about changing to the complexity of Bi-Amping but I am willing to listen to most anything. I have tried bridging a CE2000 into each main and have had serious clipping issues with that. Surely their is a complex equation for this but I just don't have the knowledge to make the calculations. thanks, The In UPDATED__________________ Decided to grab a xTi4000 to run the tops and I think that should be plenty of juice- Just wondering if the Tops might BLOW up?