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    Hello to all, I have an opportunity to purchase two used D-75A Crown amplifiers, and would appreciate it if you could shed some light on any the following questions: 1- Would this amp pair well with the Electro-Voice (EV) S40 speakers? Also, would you recommend any other speakers to go with this/these amps ? 2- When the amps are in mono mode are they only able to power 8 ohms and above speakers, but can go below 8 ohms when not in mono mode, why the difference ? 3- Most amps also have a rating of AMPS as well as watts, why is the amps rating not available for this AMP? 4- What is the going used price for this amp in U.S. dollars. 5- Is there an adapter available to go between the amps inputs and RCA connectors, and if so, is there an easy to find distributor that carriers them ? All of my components only accept RCA connectors. 6- How can I tell how old the amp is ? 7- What year was the D75A amp first made ? 8- Are these amps still in production today ? 9 - What type of customers purchase this type of amplifier, I assume that in most cases they are not used for home use. Thanks to all, and please excuse any fairly obvious questions, I am far from an expert in this field, as I am sure you can tell. Fred