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  1. I've just purchased a new XLS amp and it's different than my previous one I decided to bi-amp my sytem like my music system), cosmetically. I performed an A B comparison of both amps finding no real discernible difference in power, sonics, or clipping/distortion thresholds. I'm a little biased towards my older XLS amp ( I miss my real old DC 300's). A major concern I have is the cosmetics. At one glance the newer one seems a little nicer looking, but at second glance the former has it hands down and I prefer the dual fans (even though I've replaced them with whisper fans of the same specs). Mind you these amps are situated in a large oak cabinet that houses all my electronics ( amps, pre-amps, interface, and disc player) for my home theater, turntable, and Tascam rel to reel tape deck. When I open the lower cabinet doors to fire the system up, or make adjustments I look at my stuff and am glad I've been fortunate enough to afford ( scrimp and save) some of the the finest. Now to a real point. The newer XLS amps knobs after a few weeks of just sitting in a big old wooden box, bolted to a wooden rack, have broke! Both of them! The minute click stop pots aren't fragile, but I treat my equipment like I treat my dog (better than some girlfriends). My older XLS amp of two years or so has performed in the Crown amp tradition, not a single problem, glitch, unexplainable refusal to function, overload, overheat, over temperament, or breakage of any kind no matter what circumstances they were subjected to. When I was playing out on the road and local clubs my Crowns never failed me in any way. Now this new-bee from China is falling apart.... when given such a good home! I'm not very happy. I searched the service sites at Crown Int. to no avail. I scanned the entire parts lists with no resolution either. This may seem like a big fuss over a dinky plastic knob, but its the little things that can lead to a larger and more difficult situation. I or I don't think anyone would like breakage while playing out, breaks the momentum and feeling of the music. I'm almost finished procuring the components I need to record in my home studio and I have a few college colleges and friends of my sons " death metal, country rock band " that are interested in having me record them and also a couple of the guys wished to have me help them put together systems designed around their needs ( pro sound/ guitar amplification using multiple power amps and software led pre-amplification. When I am to suggest purchasing Crown amps to be used in a bi-amp configuration like the way I've configured mine for guitar work (two beat up but trustworthy old Crown DC 300 A's), I'm hesitant to suggest the XLS series or any other Crown amp I haven't used in the field for length of time. Any one with similar tiny details or comments please reply. I'm always interested in other peoples opinions and am always willing to offer suggestions, tips, DIY, or general audio experience concerning high end home audio and home theater( I put a killer system together that shares my amps), or pro sound( instrument only). Tanx, Jeenie
  2. I just bought a XLS 202 to bi-amp with my other XLS 202. This is for home stereo to drive Altec model 14 and 15's. What are the technical differences? Would the old style be better for the woofers? I A-B compared both amps and the former unit appears to be sonically better, but I could have a psychological bias.
  3. Fan noise XLS 202

    I have purchased from Buy two identical cooling fans(exact replacement..size wise)for 15.00 Pop the top and easy...and a noise floor of 16db...quiet! YOU VOID ANY WARRANTY DOING THIS! I am not concerned as in my home I never have had my 202 over 5 notches, can't handle the volume with such efficient speakers (Altec Lancing model 14's and 15's). Any heat exhibited is Definitely a problem. Read your owners manual or download info from this site "CROWN AMPLIFIERS IN DEPTH". Everything you'd want to know! Geenie.
  4. Hello, It's been a while since I've entered any info. College at age 54 is too much fun! My system consists of Altec Model 14's and 15's, 12" woofers with non-sectoral horns. These are fed via a Crown XLS 202. Next to an Aphex audio level interface which is patch-bayed to either an OPPO full Disc Player; DTS, SACD, DVD video, or audio which runs firmware and a Music Hall Turntable with Grado Gold cartridge through a Bellari tube pre-amp. I've crafted all my interconnects from Neutrik components, surgical tubing and cat 6 or 5e non shielded wire. My speaker cables are twisted(chucked in an electric drill) 12-gauge commercial grade electrical wiring (easily formed and pliable) terminated with speakon connector. I've removed the factory cooling fans and replaced them with identical whisper fans (16db). Gone is the noise and the CFM has remained the same. In a home environment I'm not concerned with any warranty, I've owned Crowns for years and NEVER had so much as a Burp of discontent from them! My system, using a Goldline SPL level meter, pink noise generator, real time analyzer, and a audio band spectrum analyzer has registered OVER 130db (cannon shots playing the 1812 Overture, Cincinnati Pops Orchestra with Children's Choir and the Cincinnati Choir SACD), averaged 120 playing Pink Floyd The WALL live in Berlin, 120-125db Jeff Beck Blow by Blow SACD, 110 db Allman Bros. Eat a Peach SACD, 125db on vinyl playing Johnny Winter, Hendrix Electric Ladyland, 110db, the Electric Flag (blues and soul), 120db playing the Eagles Desperado, Graham Parsons and Emmy Lou Harris Grievous Angel, Santana's first, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Jan Hammer live, and between 100 and 125db with various other classical recordings. All with NO real measurable distortion ( minuscule). No listener fatigue, NO TURN THAT DOWN!!!! Nothing but beautiful music (and a few plaster cracks).System cost? $1550.00. Used Altecs 14's, 15's were given to me free from a professor who didn't know or care what he had, just had to get them out of the house, Aphex from , Music Hall table, Bellari and Grado from Music , Crown from Parts . The secret lies in the cabling! I live next to an interstate and the air is loaded with RFI. Air dialectrics! Even my computer systems run twisted solid copper wire and all wires or cables run direct 45 degree angle winding over clear plastic tubing covered with either more larger tubing or shoelaces! Yes, shoelaces. Look so cool too ! Ihave no crashes, glitches, and my audio PLAYS! My second system in my office runs a Sangean HighDef. tuner, Vista desktop and XP laptop, and an old Memorex CD player through an ART 6 channel personal mixer into a Kenwood 100wt power amp into a Jensen home theater speaker system purchased from Parts express for $50.00. I'm covered. But the key here is the noise floor. Negligible from 28hz to 30khz! in my main system. All with near flat response (a small rise around 2k). I'll be happy to further explain these cables to anyone and little tricks to play with in power cables too. Tanx Geenie!
  5. inteconnect cable

    Hi, sorry took so and hand surgery. Air dialectric cabling! Take the smallest outside/inside diameter tubing you can find;typically an eight of an inch inside and wrap it with 22-24awg SOLID copper wire (cat 5 or 3 computer wire works great). Criss-cross the two or three wires at about a 45 degree angle to each other as you wrap along the legnth of tubing. Use plenty of legnths of tube and wire.....there cheap. Solder whatever connectors you need as per the Crown wiring diagrams. I cover mine with large diameter clear tubing or you can use boot laces with the ends cut off and opened up to slide the wire through. The key elements here are to completely avoid paralell runs of wire, and to use the qualities of air (inside the tubing) to reject all outside noise sources. They work! I now have three sets of vintage Altec speaker systems using Crowns, Bellari tube, Art Clean Box, Threshold, and Denon. Besides fan noise everybodies quiet! Eugene at jeenie67
  6. inteconnect cable

    Hello, see my "balancing in/out connections post of 04/17/06, down towards the end of this page. I've made interconnects that are as quiet as the $1000 cables on the market for pennies. I've A-B tested them for noise with commercially available cables, and mine are quieter. The Crown Tech Papers available on this web-site provides all the possible wiring schematics for a full range of equipment to be connected. It's soooo simple and quick! Print the tech papers out. For an instruction on how to make air-dialetric interconnects for about ten dollars a set, reply to this post. Jeenie67
  7. Bridged verses Stereo

    Hello David, Thank you for your comments. I did forget to say it was going to used in 8 ohms. I have to say that the owners manual states, when using bridge mode connect one line input to the channel 1 (only and speakon top connector out only. Nothing is said about any Y connectors. Where is this coming from? If I do something not written in this manual, I will be held in account for damages to my epquipment, amps and or speakers. Sorry for questioning you but please clear this issue that you brought up. I do not have these amps yet, I said that I was going to be buying these items and which set up would be better and more effective. I saved a copy of that Y connector page you offered the other guy. Hi, you could try using one amp for each channel. The less cabling you use the better, also keep everthing ...balanced inputs to the amps and watch input requirements to the source output...jeenie67 Thanks, GLENN 3139[/snapback]
  8. Balancing Component Connections

    Hi Eugene, Which Clean Box did you use? This one: Clean Box OR This one: Clean Box ll Thanks, Bud 3102[/snapback] Holla, purchased partsexpress # 245-868. It comes with a 12v power supply. The packaging makes no mention of "II". jeenie67
  9. Holla, Anyone know if the JBL model # 2226H, 15" woofer will handle instruments? Will a Crown XLS 402a series amp be a good match? I plan on two single 15" cabinets with a high frequency horn in a transmission line arrangement for each speaker to handle acoustic guitar and some piano. Small clubs and studio work will be its only venues. A tube pre-amp stage with a passive EQ will be used. Any comments will be appreciated. Tanx, Eugene @ jeenie67
  10. Just wired up my new ART Clean Box. Made all my own cables from medical clear plastic tubings, Cat 5 Computer wire, XRL's, and RCA plugs. Followed the directions in the Crown Amplifiers in Depth papers for balanced, floating source with battery power. Unbelievable! This little $50 box opened up the system, and quietly! Took the whole of an hour. Can't believe the VOLUME now attainable and CLEAN! Four interconnects (from the turntable to the pre-amp, to the Cleanbox to the Crown) complete and the box cost $85. For everyone I've been reading here, struggling with connection problems ...take note. Happy Holiday, Eugene @ jeenie67
  11. Hi, It's not the best, how would you like to be vibrated. Eventually you might contract some ailment. jeenie67
  12. Hello, do you want a balanced line, or just make a connection? To take an UNbalanced signal, no matter what the terminating end (RCA jack, XLR, .250 jack or plug) and make it a BALANCED line or signal the easiest and cheapest way is with an ART CleanBOX, stereo balanced/unbalanced converter( available at $49. Goes both ways too (balanced to unbalanced and has RCA and XLR inputs/ outputs. For .250 plugs rewire the plug or use an adapter (also available $4-5) Never seen a cable RCA to XLR but the adapter above will do the job, then just plug a guitar cord into it. Eugene @ jeenie67
  13. jeenie67 cable connect tips

    This is a stereo proccessor fed 2005 model TV and works great, also it is RCA to XLR, have ART balance/unbalanced coming. Will see what happens going balanced out. Tanx, Eugene
  14. Hello, see my post of March 26. Run direct output to input. Make up a temporary patch cable (dollar store interconnects or old cheap radio shack). You have a signal source, the Bose....the headphone jack if it has one can be utilized. Forget the Niles for now....simplify! Obtain a clean signal first, then check output specs to input requirements. When satisfied, insert any component (one by one) into the circuit (eg. the niles). I'm pretty experienced at connecting oddball stuff together that doesn't electronically match, but now I'm cleaning up my act as the components I use are getting more serious (eg. the Crown, gately EQ, REAL speakers etc.) Eugene @ jeenie67
  15. Hello, Just finished assembling a pair of interconnects to plug my Sony Wide-Screen into the Crown Amp direct, then to a pair of Altec A-7 (custom built home sized) speakers. The procedure is the same no matter what the wire or plug/jack. The XRL end had to be terminated to RCA female. I used an old AR Y- cable, cut off the male ends and the second wire. The bare end Hot of the AR was intertwined with 4" of cat 5, then silver soldered to the XLR terminal 2. The neutral side with the 1.5 cat 5 soldered to terminal 1. The other end of the cat 5 wire to terminal 3 as per Crown tech papers, Amplifiers in Depth. The remaining 4" of cat 5 wire coiled around the entire cable to exit through the XLR housing, then super glued to the cable jacket. To permanently keep the connections oxy clean and secure under any abuse, a drop of super glue to soldered joints. Final tweak is painting the entire assembly with clear nail polish. Total time for both left and right cables, 20 minutes. No ground wires, no shielding. Cut the noise-hum off at the source. Bubble wrap does wonders for RFI, CB radio etc. interference. I live right next to an interstate, half mile from its tollbooth and recieve nothing.....QUIET! If interested, ask me about the bubble wrap. Have to go....2001 Space Odessey coming up! Tanx, Eugene