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  1. Hi, Maybe this will help you, see page 27, 28 of the PIP-MEM ref. manual. And remember, Only YOU can prevent forrest fires. Rick
  2. Hi David, Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry. You guys do a great job in support of your products, and that really means a lot to all of us out here. I detected a little defensiveness with the ribbon cable issue, please forgive me, I didn't mean to give a hard time. I was into this stuff back when you guys were going from PIP-I to PIP-II and I had realized there were "real-estate" issues with the amplifiers interior space even then (MA-3600) for example. Thanks again for your detailed instruction (and part #), and keep up the great work! Rick
  3. Hi, I was hoping someone can assist me in finding and correcting a false reading I'm getting from one of my Crown 5002's equipped with USP/2 cards. Amp #1 (5002) has a USP/2 V. 1.003 Amp #2 (5002) has a USP/2 V. 1.010 I have had to adjust the scaling switches so at least the I/O on both cards read the same. (I think they were both happy at what ended up to be the +10dB setting). And not on each I may add, the output scaling on amp #1 differs from the other by + 10dB. By the way, I think EVERYBODY prefered the older "card cage" instead of the IQII's two snap-in ribbon cables. Nice way to increase the odds of snapping components off the card. Much carefulness needed. So what is currently the issue: Both amps set up the same, both amps driving the same load, (very expensive, and quite precision transducers) and cable size and lenghth. All the real elementary stuff checked. Amp #1 (v 1.003) will consistently read higher impedance 11-14 ohms, whilst amp#2 (v 1.010) will fluctuate in it's reading (as amp#1 does too) BUT, its' reading closer to the actual load of 8 Ohms. It has been a chore to get these two firmware versions to operate identically. I have also read other posts of companies who also have issues with these two different versions. Is it possible to turn a v 1.003 into a v 1.010 by replacing the IC Chip to the newer version? Or can these two readings be explained/ corrected another way??? Thank you in advance for your help, Rick
  4. MA-2400

    So .... looking at PNP/NPN sense circuits as our possible problem, this turns out negative as all 100z resistors (R125,126,135,137 are spot on). .......... At this point, I'm waiting for my replacement oscilloscope to arrive. My old one's CRT went dead so my diagnosis is limited to what I can get from my sine wave generator and a few other tools. By the way, for anyone in need of a inexpensive scope, I was amazed at the availability of them on e-bay. $ 40. for mine. NO, it's not dual trace and probably not as good as yours, but hey.......
  5. MA-2400

    anyone wondering- as advised by Crown to check a specific circuit relating to ODEP limiting. Reason as amp being run clogged with filth for so long (no filter doing the boom-boom in a rave club over three years). So amp may be exhibiting false triggering as devices have not yet been checked. So when I check this out I'll relay my results. Thanks Kevin! Rick
  6. MA-2400

    Hi all, Can anyone steer me toward the apparent fault I'm having with a newly aquired Macro-Tech 2400. The amp seems to work well, BUT, around 900HZ there seems to be a steady hi-frequecy roll-off where Hi's are gone by 15Khz. This only happens in the right side channel. Of special note; This amp was probably filthier than any I've ever seen. After a thourogh cleaning the problem seemed to temporarily go away. But I may have imagined it, as the loss is still apparent. Is this a sign that I may be about to lose a transistor bank?? Thanks for your help, Rick