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  1. Hello, I'm contracted to do some dj'ing at a local bar, The owner has a ton of equipment to use, and i want to set it up correctly. I have 4 Ev 2 way mains to use, (8 ohm cabs) I also have (6) Older Ev Single 18" Subs to use, with (2) more not being used. these are also 8 ohm cabs, and a 400 watt rating for each. My amplifier selection is as follows: 1. Crest Audio Ca-9.....for which i have the specs. 2. (2) Older Crown Micro-tech 1200's..no specs! It appears that the two crowns were used to drive the subs, and the crest to drive the mains..... The mains are rated at 200 watts... Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks, Brian Seefeldt Precision Power Sound And Light