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  1. CTs sleep mode

    WOW....this was 2 years ago and I was green to IQ. Now I'm dealing with about 140 or so amps with Pip cards. Anyway, what amps and what pips (if any) are you using? If you are using a pip card, there's an "Auto-Standby" setting in the signal path. I beleive the default is "off". On a non-pip aplication, I'm not sure how the "Sleep-mode" / "Standby-mode" is controlled or defeated. I looked in the manual and didn't find any information. Jamie
  2. CTs sleep mode

    Thanks...at this point we are leaning toward IQ since this will be on the City LAN and the other features in IQ could come in handy
  3. CTs sleep mode

    I am looking at installing 24 or so CTs 2ch, 4ch, and 8ch amps in a large community center/aquatics center being built. I am trying to deside on how to control the amps (turn them on/off as needed). In the CTs manual, it has a small line on "sleep mode". Is that adjustable? How? Or should I install IQ cards?