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  1. XTi Networking

    i am trying to get this to work with the lantronix ubox and i can get it to work with one amp connected, but once i connect 4 the ubox dissapears off my network after about 30secs of being connected.
  2. Hi, i have noticed that is you have the 'dsp off' on an xti with the latest firmware and you hit the limiters, the display changes to say 'limiting'. it does not do this when a 'preset' is loaded...WTF? this seems to be backwards...what can be done about this...? technically i thought the limiters would be off if the dsp is 'off' as per the front panel indication...
  3. XTI Clip Light

    Just so this is settled once and for all...does the clip light indicate clipping or limiting? (if the limiter is on) if it indicates clipping, does it indiacte it one the output stage, input stage or both? if i am seeing clipping on the output stage yet not seeing the -10 light come on...what is going on??? this is assuming i am delivering a full and undistorted signal at the operating level fo the input stage of the amp.
  4. XTI New feature

    Hi, i really think it is a terrible mistake for the xtis not to have a compressor built in, they would be a one stop solution if only they had this feature. perfect for sending out as a one device solution for powering any small system. can this be added??? also since the xti, dsi and cdi all seem to be the same amplifier just in different cases...why do the dsi and cdi have an extra 8 parametric filters known at output eq??? what happens if i load that firmware onto my xtis??will the extra 8 eqs be available?
  5. XTI Input sensitivity

    Hi David, i understand completely what you are saying. regardless of what my mixer might be sending the amp, lets say its giving enough to drive the input to full (ie just short of clipping)... the out put meters do not indicate that the amp is driving anywhere near full...i have to increse the band pass gain in the crossover section.
  6. Hi, since the XTi are dsp based, can we have an input sensistivity option. i am clipping my inputs out with normal +4db signal and still cant drive the amp to full power?!?!? would be great is we could adjust input sensitivity!!!
  7. Multiple XTI's With USB HUB

    hi, i am using this method and most functions work fine. however if you are online and then go ofline and try and reconnect the metering does not alwasya work. do they xtis require usb 2.0? are there any plans to 'clean up' the networking code for the xtis? also what is your recommendation as far as connection 20+ of them to a network? usb hubs? usb to ethernet adaptors?