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  1. MA5000 failure

    [Hi, Thanks for your reply. Since yesterday this amp. started working Ok again, I really don`t know what happened. This week-end I will be using in during the Carnival parade, which means five to six hours none stop music, at full power. This same problem I noticed on an old Ma-2400 (8 years old), that I use only twice or three times a year. When i powered it up, it took some time for the ODEP (red lights) to come on. then i thought it was Ok, but when powering up the next day, it seemed like a relay or so on one of the channel was going crazy, because the IOC light started going on and off, and the ODEP light went out. I opened up the amp. used an air compressor to blow it clean, and today when I turned it on, it was working normal again. This amp. will be in the parades to, let`s hope for the best. Regards, Renard Hurtado
  2. MA5000 failure

    Dear Sir, I have a problem with one of my MA5000VZ amps. When I turn on the unit with no speaker nor signal connected to the amp, all things turn on and off as normal. When I connect the speakers to the speaker terminals, the IOC light on one of the channels will turn on (no audio cables connected)! When i connected audio cables (signal) to the amp (no speakers connected) , the moment I turn the volume, the IOC light will turn on, on the troubled channel. The problem is with only one channel. Can you elaborate where the problem might be, by the way none of the red lights inside the amp. will go on, so no problem here. Thank you in advance. Renard Hurtado