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  1. Looking for Crown Dealer in Canada

    I check it today. Cosmo sell at CAD 525.00. US dealer sell at US 239.00 + shipping charge.
  2. Looking for Crown Dealer in Canada

    I had tried very hard to find good price dealer in Canada. Come up the price is not comparable to the US dealer. Even I need to pay shipping charges, custom clearance charges. etc, the US dealer end up with cheaper price. I am so down, why we have to buy 30%-50% more for the same products here in Canada......
  3. Looking for Crown Dealer in Canada

    Thank you very much. I will try the two store tomorrow
  4. I had been seaching very hard to find a good dealer in my area. I live in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Want to buy 4 set of Crown AMP XLS-402 for my new 7.1 HT. I can see so many ebay store selling it at US 229.00 but they are all in US. I am wondering where it ship from US to CAD. How much will be the duty and tax ? How much will be the custom clearance fee ? Of course it have GST and PST !!! So, want to look for a good price dealer locally. Please anyone can help me ...