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  1. At a recent sound check for a show we experienced the loose ribbon cable problem with one of our XTi 4000's. Before the show began I quickly pulled the amp out and reseated the ribbon cable, the problem went away and the show went on. After the show I pulled the amp out again to see if we could find a more permanent solution, because even reseated the ribbon cable seems like it would work its way loose again. After talking to a colleague that used to work at Crown I came up with a decent solution. On each side of the ribbon cable there is a small slot and on each side of the receptacle for the ribbon cable there is a slot also. The slots are just the right size for a very small quick tie. I used a .10 Thomas & Betts. (Grainger # 6X750). You have to pull the ribbon cable out and thread the quick tie thru the slots on either end of the connector. Then route the end of the quick tie back thru the slots on the receptacle. Carefully reseat the end of the ribbon cable back into the receptacle. Once it is seated properly you can tighten up the quick tie and it should keep the ribbon cable from working loose again. This seems to be a simple enough solution and does not modify the design or do anything to the amp that cannot be undone for service. I hope this helps someone else with the same problem. I feel much more comfortable knowing that the ribbon cable is secured.
  2. xti4000 cutting out

    I am having the exact same problem with one of our Xti-4000's. I just came to see if anyone else was having the problem. Is ther a ribbon cable for each channel? My problem only seems to be in ch. 1. But I will check the cable to see if that's it.
  3. CT Series dirty pots

    Has anyone else experienced dirty or intermittent pots (input attenuation controls) on an older model CT-200 amp? Today I was not getting signal in 2 of our 4 rooms, and after checking the IQ we checked the input attenuation controls and found that wiggling them around brought the signal back. I am just curious if this has been a common problem with these amps or do I just need to clean them up and move on. Thanks
  4. I thought i remembered that there was going to be a high and low pass filter per channel on the XTi's. If there is, is it possible to access it from the front panel control. Or will this only be avaliable in the software, when it's out. Also, How warm do the amps get before the fans will come on?